Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Abbey 2

I've been busy, so I haven't been online, but I just checked and I still can't get into Abbey 2 - I checked with St. Blogs - they say everything should be fine. I hate this. I'll give it one more day and that is it. I hope everyone knows I have Abbey 1 here. (Spread the news for me.)

Today, at my parish, Annunciation, we have adoration all day, so in between being there and working in the yard, I have no time to blog anyway. BTW - anyone in South Minneapolis, please start coming to Annunciation for Wednesday adoration. It is quiet and the Church is air conditioned. (Hardly anyone comes, so get over here!)


  1. If you were a really great blogger, you would have given us the address!

  2. You've probably asked St. Blog's to try to access your blog themselves, but where ever you are, we'll be there ;}

  3. You could post a notice saying that, if there are no new posts there each day, try here.


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