Sunday, July 29, 2007

This just in....

Photos are emerging of Cathy's ordeal after she fell off the bus at the races a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Jeron8:55 AM

    I heard she tripped over the crinoline. You knew she has NASCAR formalwear, didn't you?

  2. Terry: Where did you get that photo? grrrr. So much for medical confidentiality. I'm going to have to sue someone.

    Jeron: I dress in full slob at NASCAR events (esp. since we were camping). I hope you were sitting down for that shocking revelation. :-)

  3. Jeron1:23 PM

    Oh, Cathy - you just destroyed my image of you. ;)

  4. jeron: Good, I don't like to be predictable!

  5. All that for a cyst on her hand?

  6. LOL! I really crack myself up! Is that all she had was a cyst removed? And I spin this entire yarn about drinking too much and catching her heel on the steps of the bus and falling onto a fire hydrant?


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