Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Pope's quiet retreat...

The Holy Father and his secretary, Monsignor Ganswein, taking a stroll while praying the rosary. The Holy Father is on vacation this week.

Photo: Catholic News Service


  1. I love that picture--I adore our Holy Father.

    In unrelated questions--when did you turn into a smooth talking cat?

  2. NAB - I love that picture too. I think that the Holy Father and Monsignor have a wonderful friendship - after the Holy Father dies, we may know about it. The photo of the two of them praying together speaks to that. Ganswein must have a great intellect and deep spirituality to be so close to the Holy Father.

    Angela Messenger gave me the cat picture for her birthday! LOL! I fell in love with the cat.

  3. Jeron7:49 AM

    I have to wonder: what kind of a "retreat" is it when there's someone in front of you snapping pictures???

  4. Jeron - don't you live your life as if cameras are focused upon you? I do.


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