Monday, December 04, 2006

Priestly celibacy

Pictured, Cardinal Hummes.
Go here for an excellent comment.

That "New Catholic" guy really has a good take on stuff!
"Cardinal against Cardinal" - Something Our Lady of Akita mentioned.


  1. ray from mn10:13 AM

    It sure is exasperating how slowly the Church moves.

    Then I think back to the time of the Reformation and how it took 30 years for them to convene the Council of Trent.

    I've heard someone say that is good to have some of these "progressives" nearby where you can watch them. When they are 5,000 miles away, they can do much more damage.

    If His Holiness were aged 54 or something, maybe I wouldn't feel so worried. Some of the progressives doing the most damage were quite young when they were raised to the episcopacy.

    Why do I have to keep identifying myself every time I try to comment here? It won't even let me comment anonymously. That's probably why you sometimes have few comments. I hate Blogger so bad that I have to mention it in Confession.
    We should be seeing a few more bishops in their 40s and cardinals in their 50s who have come out of the newly orthodox seminaries and universities.

    If they ever have a vote on priestly celibacy, only those cardinals most effective at fostering vocations should be allowed to vote on the question. The others are attempting to take the lazy way out.

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Blogger censored my last paragraph relating how much I hate it.

    Isn't that interesting? It can read!

    But now, right after I have posted a comment, it will ask me to identify myself again. I will try to do this one anonymously.


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