Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Feast of St. Nicholas

I woke up excited!
Anyway - a question left out of Cathy's Christmas meme;
21. What is your favorite Christmas Movie?
It's a list:
-"Miracle On 34th St." Best Santa award.
-"It's A Wonderful Life." When I was younger I thought it depressing - now I love it.
-"National Lampoons Christmas Vacation." Because the characters are nuts.
-Almost every production of "A Christmas Carol."
-"Home Alone." I like the scary old man next door.
Happy St. Nicholas day!


  1. Happy St Nicholas's day! I almost forgot!!

    Did you remember to put your shoes outside your door for St Nick to put candy in???

    Great blog, by the way!

  2. Michael3:48 PM

    Happy St. Nicholas day!

    The feast of St. Nicholas has been very special for me since childhood (late 50's/early 60's). My parish priest was a dear import by the name of Nicholas Judermanns. He was a good and holy priest. He threw a spectacular party for all of the school children and gave gifts to all. School was dismissed early, making this a special day that all looked forward to.

    I think at some point, in the late 60's, the canon of saints was reviewed, and some saints were demoted, as canonization records could not be found. Some questioned whether Nicholas was a canonized saint. Apparently, he is not formally canonized. My old priest seemed heartbroken in ways til his death a few years later in 1969. Fr. Nicholas J. was himself a saint; a saint who openly questioned ecclesiastic authorities on a lot of issues, in pre-Vatican II days, such as the awarding of biretta/monsignor title. Not a popular priest with the rest of the clergy or bishop while alive, but his funeral was overflowing and I believe attended by every diocesan priest and bishop in this part of the country.

    Pray for me, St. Nicholas.....and pray for Terry, too!

    (Seriously, one year I woke to find my tin pie plate filled with lumps of coal......instead of the expected fruits, nuts and candies.)

    1. That priest, Nicholas Judermanns, was my great-grand-uncle! This made me very happy to read.

  3. Thanks Georgette! No I did not leave my shoes out - I'm afraid of coal dust.
    I put you on my links now - I want that India counter to go up.
    Happy St. Nicholas!

  4. Therese5:27 AM

    What about "The Bishops Wife??
    Three of the classiest people to ever grace a movie screen...Loretta Young, Cary Grant and David Niven...Poetry, romanticism and virtue in beautiful motion!!

  5. Michael,

    The Rev. Nicholas Judermanns that you mentioned was my great-great uncle! I was shocked and pleased to read that somebody knew about him. From everything that I've read about him, he was a great priest.



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