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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

John Paul strikes back!

[Follow up on an earlier post.]
I've never liked Gaultier - his designs are tacky - but his response to the too thin controversy is fun. Actually, this model was the ideal in another century. (They say the French are getting more like fat Americans - because they are eating fast food such as MacDonalds more often.)

"Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier found his own way to comment on the 'size zero' debate - by putting a larger model down the catwalk to show off his clothes.
Dressed in a daring black corsetry, the plus-sized model dwarfed her fellow waif-like catwalk queens.
Clearly more of a size 20 than the controversial model Size 0, this voluptuous woman proved big is beautiful as she strutted down the runway at Gaultier's 30th anniversary show yesterday during fashion week in Paris."

What if this becomes the norm? Then all the models will look like Russian matushkas! (Does anyone remember the '80's Wendy's ads depicting a Russian fashion show? It was hilarious - Moscow was insulted and Wendy's had to take down the ads.)


  1. You know, even if I was a walking work of art I wouldn't wear that...

  2. Rhapsody - You are too funny!
    Isn't it awful? How can anyone call that fashion? Of course the designer is putting us on.

  3. Oh, I hope so!

    although I am sorry that poor girl put it on...

  4. I'm pretty sure the entire point of the catwalk is to stimulate catcalls...but the fashion industry as a whole is an opposite reflection of the true woman;

    On one hand, it's waif-like, over-abused concentration camp starvation covered in the most expensive fabrics and the finest stitching and jewels. On the other hand, the opposite of size 20 women wearing Frederick's of Hollywood.

    Both "models" are in complete opposition not only to each other, but to the truth of woman.

    I've never met a woman who wanted to look like a heroine-addicted-death-camp survivor. I've never met a woman who wanted to be 200 pounds overweight and strut around like a moving burlesque show.

    Additionaly, it might be important to note I've never met any Jerry Springer guests, either.

    The fashion industry is completely dysfunctional and everything they do is for entertainment...and nothing else. It is an empty world...reflecting...nothing.

  5. rhapsody: You are a walking work of art. We all are. Artist: God

  6. Does anybody buy fashions shown at those big catwalk shows?

    Or is it just a way to get them to comeback and buy something more practical?

  7. Cathy:

    True- thanks for the reminder:)

  8. The fashion industry is completely dysfunctional and everything they do is for entertainment...and nothing else. It is an empty world...reflecting...nothing.

    TN: You agree with this statement? But yet we're all supposed to look up to these empty folks for our clothing right? *scratches head*


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