Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Pray for the Holy Father


News coming in from the Vatican this evening has revealed that Pope Francis has been kept in hospital after being rushed back to hospital following routine tests earlier in the day.

Corriere have written:

From the hospital it is known that the pontiff, who arrived by ambulance following an illness, had heart problems and respiratory fatigue in the late morning, after the general audience held in St. Peter's Square, while he was already in his residence at Casa Santa Marta; For safety he was taken to the cardiology department for checks.

They also said that it is likely that

A hospitalization at this point is almost certain: the staff - starting with Bergoglio's personal nurse, Massimiliano Strappetti - and the security men were alerted to spend the night at the Policlinico. Certainly a hospitalization was not planned, on the eve of Palm Sunday and the celebrations of Holy Week of Easter, the most important time of the year.

Francis had been brought in for routine tests, but was later rushed by ambulance to the hospital once more.

Please pray for the Holy Father at this time. - CatholicArena


  1. Conflicting details, but all indicate illness serious enough for inpatient treatment. May God protect Pope Francis and heal whatever aliment afflicts him.

  2. Absolutely. It is especially serious, remembering the poor man only has one lung and a partial second lung. As someone who has asthma, there is nothing scarier than not being able to breathe freely. Whether we like him or not, Pope Francis is our pope. And Catholics do not abandon fellow Catholics - we pray for them. Very best blessings, dear Terry.


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