Sunday, September 26, 2021

Imagine that.

 I think seminaries need to do better screening.
I'm surprised someone like McCarrick didn't
think of this.  Wait - maybe that's what he was doing?

Transgender men unknowingly admitted to seminary and religious life?

To be honest, I had always been suspicious of one of the novices in my novitiate.  He bore a striking resemblance to Romy Schneider.  What?

Trans men... unknowingly...

A leader of the U.S. bishops' conference has written to Catholic prelates throughout the country, alleging that an unspecified number of transgender men have been "unknowingly admitted" to diocesan seminaries and houses of formation for religious orders.

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki, who serves as the chairman of the bishops' Committee on Canonical Affairs and Church Governance, told the nation's bishops in a Sept. 22 memo that they might consider "various options" to ensure that only people assigned male at birth are ordained to the Catholic priesthood.

Among the recommendations are DNA testing and certification from a medical expert of the bishop's choosing.

Rocco Palmo, who writes the blog Whispers in the Loggia, first reported the memo, titled "Transgenderism and Seminary Formation," via Twitter on Sept. 23. Palmo's initial tweet sparked a range of incredulous replies, with some people comparing the memo to medieval practices that involved physically checking priesthood candidates. - NCR
Romy eventually left
the novitiate.



  1. Ok Terry, I must admit you threw me a curve ball on this one. I had to step back and think about it!
    This week working in my garage at another failed attempt to “organize” it I was listening to my local Catholic radio station. I have a soft spot for Mother Miriam and just let it go on from there. I like the history lessons and a program I never heard called Catholic 911, or something close to that featured a husband and wife. Sweet they were & so sincere. It was about the St Michael’s prayer & the need to be prayed communaly at the close of Mass. In all my years this has never been a practice I experienced until last Saturday at one of my local parishes. I have 7 within easy access. I know EWTN has long included it. Well the history of it was explained and the host mentioned Bella Dodd. I still am looking for those card carrying Communists & secret Masons who bluffed their way through Seminary & ordination and sacrificed themselves to celebite life to destroy the Church. I had to idea to ask the priest after Mass why he had instituted this practice. I was curious. Well God had a different plan. This week was a visiting Jesuit. His homily was excellent and after Mass I asked him if he knew two Jesuits who I know. One he did one he did not. The interesting part for me was the people before him asked my question. The question I was not going to bother him with since he was only visiting. His response was to heal all the harm abusive priests have done. In other words the evil in the Church. The focus of his homily based on today’s Gospel was how do we include the excluded in our life.
    PS: On first glance I read you intro to be cross dressing priests- transvestites. It took a minute or two to get transgender & what that is. I thought of the fable of Pope Joan and how to some that is fact. I am way out of my depth now.

    1. Thanks. This article reminds me of the desert fathers stories of women who entered disguised as men. I've post on that in the past.

    2. Romy Schneider wa a favorite actress of mine. The Swimming Pool comes to mind.

      Anyway, maybe there's something to the rumors but with all the chaos currently taking place in this grand world of ours anything is possible.

      God help us!

    3. Hi Yaya - hope all is well.

    4. Hi Yaya, miss your contributions here. Think of you & remember in prayer your Tio & you. Hope he recovered. Never heard. I feel a new calm in everything is beyond my control and rests only in His hands.

    5. Hi Terry and Mr. WH,
      Glad you are both well. I am doing the best I can in this home situation. My mother's dementia is like a rollercoaster with some days being better than others. Still despite my tears and frustrations, our Lord smiles upon me and gives me moments of quiet and of peace.
      He is kind to call my attention to the song of birds or the little worker bees out in the yard too ... gifts that bring me joy.
      I miss spamming you Terry and correcting Mr. WH's spelling but with all the new responsibilities, tis rare nowadays to visit favorite places online ...
      I will be back though and am glad to say hello after so long.
      God's many blessings to you both!

    6. Dear Yaya, so good to have your update. Be assured you are in my prayers. God bless you.

    7. Mr. WH!
      I forgot to respond to you regarding my Tio. He is well these days with 24/7 care due to health issues. He is doing well despite them, gracias a Dios.
      Thank you for asking about him ^^)
      p.s. thank you for your prayers. Be assured of mine for you and yours as well.


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