Thursday, September 24, 2020

Virgen de la Merced or Virgen de las Mercedes

Hail you Star of ocean!
Break the captive's fetters;
Light on blindness pour;
All our ills expelling,
Every bliss implore.


Our Lady of Ransom

I first became acquainted with the devotion to OL of Ransom in 5th grade.  My dad ran into some difficulties and was in trouble a lot.  I understood Our Lady of Ransom was the patroness of those imprisoned, and had recourse to her.  My devotion to her has remained constant, praying in our day for help against Islamic radicals, and so on.  

Today, I look to her to delivery the souls in purgatory, especially those closest to me.  In fact, the Carthusian cycle of Gregorian Masses for my friend Darold, begins today - her feast day.  I may be mistaken, but after the Conventual Mass, the Fathers say their private Mass, and it is usually a Mass of the BVM.  The cycle of Masses ends on the feast of OL of Comfort.  I'm consoled to think my friend is in the arms of Our Lady.  

A brief history of Our Lady of Ransom

To my knowledge, this is the only title of the Virgin or devotion to Our Lady directly related to Islam:

The Blessed Virgin appeared to Saint Peter Nolassco, to his confessor, Raymond of Pennafort, and to the king, and through these three men established a work of the redemption of captives. She desired the establishment of the Mercedarian religious order. (derives from the Spanish word for mercy - merced) Its members would seek to free Christian captives from the Moors and offer themselves, if necessary, as an exchange. The complete name of this order is: Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Ransom of Captives (OdeM).*
The Order was legally constituted at Barcelona by King James of Aragon was established in Spain and later approved by Gregory IX under the name of Our Lady of Mercy. St. Peter was the first superior, with the title of Commander-General; he also filled the office of Ransomer, a title given to the monk sent into the lands subject to the Moors to arrange for the ransom of prisoners.

Requests of Our Lady to St. Peter Nolasco - August 1, 1218:.
The Blessed Virgin Mary:

“Find for Me other men like yourself, an army of brave, generous, unselfish men, and send them into the lands where the children of the Faith are suffering.”
St. Peter Nolasco:

"Who am I that God should honor me like this? And who are you, who knows so well, the secrets of my heart?'
The Blessed Virgin Mary:

"I am Mary, the Mother of God. My son, the Redeemer of the world,
who came to give liberty to the captive, has many people bound in captivity, and wishes the order to be established." - Source

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