Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Roman Catholic Politics of The Remnant

The Remnant describes this as a
 'Huge Vatican Event: Schneider, Burke speak during Amazon Synod.'

I'm getting burnt out by all of it.

Fr. Z is in the above photo, positioned in the front row, speaking with Cardinal Arinze.  Michael Matt is a friend of Fr. Z.

Calling this a huge Vatican Event is an overstatement, which had nothing to do with the synod.  It's a book launch.  "The launch of a new book-length interview of Bishop Athanasius Schneider that covers everything from the current pontificate, to Vatican II, to Archbishop Lefebvre's role in the resistance, to the Society of St. Pius X and even the role of Freemasonry."

This is politics.  They are contaminated by right-wing, political ideology - and they can be easily manipulated in and through what appears to be an inordinate attachment to big 'T' tradition.  It's as if they are forming a parallel magisterium.  (Not the Cardinals of course, just their 'promoters'.  What?)


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    1. Good to see Cardinal Sarah there as he will not tolerate any bashing of the Holy Father in his presense so bashers, beware! >x<

  2. Who are the "right-wing" people?

  3. That is not Cardinal Sarah. Zuhlsdorf is talking to Cardinal Arinze. Sarah will never be a part these schismatics.

    This is what Cardinal Sarah said in a recent interview:

    Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, said the people who portray him as an opponent of Pope Francis are being used by the devil to help divide the Church.

    “The truth is that the Church is represented on earth by the vicar of Christ, that is by the pope. And whoever is against the pope is, ipso facto, outside the Church,” the cardinal said in an interview published in Corriere della Sera, an Italian daily.

    Those who place me in opposition to the Holy Father cannot present a single word of mine, a single phrase or a single attitude of mine to support their absurd – and I would say, diabolical – affirmations,” Cardinal Sarah said. “The devil divides, sets people against each other.”

    1. Thanks Mary - I didn't know. I'm so glad.

    2. @Catholic in Brooklyn
      You wrote, "Sarah will never be a part these schismatics."

      I just want to point out that Cardinal Sarah did endorse Bishop Schneider's book which is printed on the back cover:

      “At this critical moment in the life of the Church we must reflect carefully on all that confronts us and discern what is true, good, and beautiful from what is evil. We cannot but be grateful to a faithful apostle such as Bishop Athanasius Schneider for his clear and courageous analysis of the state of the Church in our day. May this book assist all who read it in living their particular vocation with greater fidelity and zeal, for the glory of Almighty God and the salvation of souls.”

    3. And the book does not have an imprimatur

    4. Cardinal Arinze? Too bad he's there along with Mueller.

      Anyway, I am glad Cardinal Sarah it is not.

  4. Why would Mueller be there? Is that a joke?


  5. Schismatics? Contaminated by right wing ideology? Nationalists?

    Isn't it better to refrain from calling people names?

    1. Works both ways. Some of the "more faithful" need to stop calling our Holy Father names too.


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