Thursday, July 11, 2019

We're all going to die.

Monster storm approaching Taranto, Puglia, Italy yesterday, 
July 10th. Report: Alessandra Drago /


At the risk of sounding kind of crazy, some mystics - like Marie-Julie Hahenny, said that mini-chastisements (such as unprecedented weather events) will accompany an interior notion (in individuals) that something bigger, more catastrophic, is on the way. 

The purpose is to warn people to repent. 

The inference being there will be warnings in and through plagues, severe storms, tempests, crop failures, frequent earthquakes and other signs in nature to prepare/warn the faithful. Though I don't follow prophecies or private revelations like these, I was reminded of them after the series of strong storms with ostrich-egg size hail in Italy, Greece, as well as the six-feet of hail in Guadalajara last week, and of course the over 10,000 earthquakes in So. California since July 4th. So who knows? 

Of course there can be no denial that the weather related phenomena is entirely natural and part of climate change - which is more or less a warning in itself. Going to confession is a great way to get ready for the big one - whatever that might be. 

Marie-Julie Jahenny was a Breton mystic and stigmatist.
She was also devoted to O.L. of LaSalette.


  1. God's power and majesty is reflected in nature. Private revelations often warn us that God will use His power to chastise and punish us. This pattern transcends all religions and spiritual traditions. It prompted pre-Christians to perform human sacrifice to placate this angry God. Jesus came, we are told, to fulfill, amend and complete this covanent. Therefore, I cannot accept that natures rate is God's rath inflicted on a sinful people. The answers will be revealed after we leave this world.

    1. Yeah. All I know it adds to the drama. LOL! Makes life interesting.

    2. It sure does Terry. The ancient Chinese believed that an earthquake only occurred when the giant, who slept deep within the bowels of the earth, rolled over onto his stomach.
      That little bit of folklore has always delighted me.

      When we experienced this last one, my brother's grandkids were scared but laughed when I shared that little story with them.

      Let's stay attentive, trusting and hoping in Divine Providence.

  2. We've had more thunder and lightening this week than in the last 10 years combined. As Fr. Z would say: GO TO CONFESSION!


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