Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Imagine that. Catholics who are in favor of Jeff Anderson suing the Vatican - again ...

The Babylonian, WTH?

I was responding to the news on Facebook that Jeff Anderson is once again going after the Holy See and I received some surprising comments from Catholics who support Anderson and associates in their lawsuit against the Vatican - I.e. the Pope.  I wrote:
Anderson tries again. What is this, his 3rd attempt? It's an ambitious attempt to reduce the Church to a mere commercial enterprise, a business, or coporporate-for-profit enterprise. Probably something many non-religious people are more than ready to believe now days. Maybe even some Catholics are getting excited over the prospect. It's very strange to me how religious people seem to get on board with this type of crap, supporting a variety of secular campaigns against the papacy/Vatican to satisfy their desire for some sort of vendetta against the 'power structure' which ignored them for decades. I might be wrong in thinking this is ridiculous, but we live in litigious times and so many follow and support a president who has made his fortune in bankruptcies and lawsuits, so I see this as another side of the same coin of corruption and greed. I suspect the lawsuit will be thrown out like the others, but if it isn't, the Church will be fine - not sure about the litigants.

The following exchange ensued:
Dana Christensen While this won't work for many legal reasons. I believe Jeff Anderson has done the Church a great service by exposing the rot of her leaders. Like the Lord often does in scripture, He uses the enemies of the Church to do the hard work of purifying the Church.
Terry Nelson I'm sure we'll see the Church - even the Pope, loving the so-called enemy. I would love to see the Holy Father distributing the goods of the Church as St. Laurence is so often depicted. It would be wonderful to see St. Peter's become a museum while the bishops and priests really embrace the poverty of the poor - much like the Missionaries of Charity and the Little Sisters of Jesus. I am not at all against that.

Dana Christensen Terry Nelson since St. Lawrence is a patron of mine and one of my favorite saints, I must defend him. He did not give away the treasures if he Church, he protected and hid them (including the Holy Grail). Also, the idea hat the Church is “rich” is a myth. Those who want us to give away what is ours sound much like Judas in the gospel when he said that the precious nard that was poured on Jesus feet could have been sold and given to the poor.
Terry Nelson Dana Christensen I'm not selling out to the likes of Anderson. I don't see him as doing any favors for the Body of Christ. I wouldn't dream of profitting from his pilferring of the Church. That said, Laurence did not hide the treasures of the Church but rather showed them off to the Emperor, presenting to him the lame, the blind, the poor - the true treasure of the Church. If indeed you welcome the onslaught against the Church as perpetrated by these lawsuits, you would recognize that.
Terry Nelson Dana Christensen BTW - I'm not claiming 'what is ours' (really - thought it belonged to God) should be given away - you are the one who seems to welcome the lawsuit, which as you know would be quite costly - causing the 'Church' to be come much smaller as Benedict is said to have predicted. So where's the problem?

I hate these conversations-arguments.  Why can't I just shut up?

But wow!  So does this mean Catholic Evagelicals see Trump as King Cyrus?


  1. Even the most reasonable, the most sensible logic will fail to convince those who have a vendetta against the Church. And the fallen-away Catholics are by far the most bitter, grim, and hateful of the lot.

    Sometimes you just have to speak the truth with charity, and then wait for the usually outraged response.

    When this happens to me (as it often does, especially when I respond to anything on the FAN FB page), I picture myself as one of those punching bag clowns some of us of a certain generation played with as children. Just take the punch, and bounce back up with a smile on your face!

    As a Franciscan, I am pledged to live and defend the teaching of the Church, and to be obedient to the Pope. I think you have the same way of life, my friend! There is perfect joy, as my good St. Francis taught, in bearing pain and humiliation for the sake of Jesus and His Church!

    God bless and protect all here - Susan, OFS

    1. Thanks Susan. I just don't understand civil law I suppose. I think I do share your way of life.

    2. After reading this piece I just sighed and thought about all my brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered the world over because of their faith in Christ Jesus.
      I watched a video from Rome Reports yesterday reporting that the Islamists in Nigeria plan to overthrow the government and destroy the Catholic faith there.
      They claim that because Nigeria is considered one of the strongest of the African nations, if it falls to the Islamists the rest of Africa will fall and it will become Muslim.

      Sorry, but in my opinion, some of us here in the West have way too much time on our hands in front of the computer (guilty as charged) and not enough time on our knees praying for the persecuted Church.

      Our Lady of Fatima pray for us!


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