Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Bella Dodd Conspiracies are back.

I noted that McCarrick is now thought to be a Bella Dodd plant.  

Beyond his horrendous evil of homosexual predation for decades, Church Militant has learned exclusively that McCarrick may also have been clandestinely trained by Soviet Communists here in Europe during his younger years, making him effectively a Communist plant in the heart of the Church. 
Through a back channel, Church Militant has obtained information from former Communist personnel who were instrumental in setting up a secret network of indoctrination and training centers throughout Europe in the aftermath of World War II, and their information directly implicates the involvement of Theodore McCarrick. 
A little history to set the stage first: When Stalin gained control of the former Soviet Union in the early 1920s, he set about plans to cripple the influence of the Catholic Church in the West, if not completely destroy the Church — all part of communism's plan for world domination and warned about by Our Lady in Fatima in 1917. 
A key component of the plans involved infiltrating seminaries with young men who would work to undermine the Church's teaching in the area of morality. 
This was testified to on multiple occasions by Bella Dodd, a high-ranking member of the U.S. Communist Party. She herself claims to have orchestrated the placement of 1,100 men into U.S. seminaries. - CM

I've read a couple of posts by a priest or two elsewhere agreeing with this theory.

Everything is based on hearsay and gossip, no proof such as names are ever provided to back up these claims.

I have no doubt Communist ideology has greatly influenced academia and culture, and even infiltrated the Church, but the Bella Dodd claims have always troubled me.  The reason being, if the claims are true, more people other than Bella Dodd would have known.  How is it that Dodd is the only defector?  No matter how secret, who were all of the agents who infiltrated?  Where are they now? 

Bella Dodd Seminary


  1. This conspiracy theory has more lives then that proverbial cat. The problem I have is where did these so called plants come from? I assume that any seminary would do a background check of sorts on applicants. Recommendations from parish priests would be a part of that. Are we to believe that these plants just strolled into seminaries so easily, stayed hidden and operated for years as an ordained priest? No, I think it more likely that flawed persons with manipulative, narcacisstic personalities and great ambition to advance themselves and their careers were tolerated and protected for years. I must admit though the Bella Dodd theory is much more sensational. Also, the Russians over history and up to today are expert in infiltrating governments they want to destroy. The contradiction in all this is that Russia somehow has a special role in the salvation of mankind. At least that is the Russian Orthodox view.

  2. Church Militant is a Fascist plant that has infiltrated the Catholic Church. Many Catholics have been brainwashed by this Fascist organization which was prohibited from using the word "Catholic" in their name. One can wonder if the poison hasn't gone into the "mainstream", with many Catholics submissive to the views espoused by such figures as Pope Saint Marshall the Great and his theories about "St. Gallen's Mafia", designed to destroy the papacy, and hence the Church. These Neo-Fascists appropriate all the traditions of the Church and lay it waste. Do not follow them. Stick with the Pope whose role has been ordained for these times as something more and more important to be in union with.

    1. Amen and thank you.

    2. Agree completely with the above post, except for the Fascist part - what drives Church Militant is something more sinister than Fascism.

      Also: who's "Pope Marshall the Great"? If you mean Taylor Marshall, he has less credibility on Traditional Catholicism than I have on veganism or weight loss. =)

  3. Since posting this I got a wealth of info supporting Dodd's claims - to some extent. Especially in Europe. Too complicated for me to get into, but there seems to be ample documentation if one searches.

  4. Documentation is a nebulous term. Proof is a higher degree of evidence, above hear say, rumor and gossip. Heck the posts we put here can be called documentation. Like so many urban myths this one will go on forever.


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