Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Today is the Tenth of October!

Which falls on a Wednesday this year!

That's amazing!


  1. October is always a favorite month. Cool weather, bronze colored leaves, the October moon ... ^^)

    BTW, I just found an interesting site that goes by the name of:

    Union of Catholic Christian Rationalists

    I like what they have to say too:

    I looked over their website and find it interesting. I will try and read some of their other articles before I decide to hang out there like I hang out here on your fine blog, Terry.

  2. Interesting, Yaya. I found that same website just yesterday as well. Of course, it is actually an Italian website. You will never find an American website that actually supports the Papacy as UCCR does. They clearly state that they are not any kind of organization, they are not looking for money. They just want a place to voice their opinions.

    "UCCR is just a web site: it has no statutes, headquarters or professional staff; it neither issues membership cards nor ask for money. The site was started on February 2nd, 2011, after on initiative of a group of college students, rapidly joined by other on-line friends. It in no way claims to represent the voice of the Church; rather, it wants merely to be a place where views on a wide range of issues can be expressed by some young Catholics."


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