Sunday, September 23, 2018

This is the best comment ever. (In regard to Fr. Kalchik and the Cardinal.)

From Fr. Z's post on the story:

Fr Sean Coyle says:22 September 2018 at 1:24 PM
“Thirdly, the cardinal thinks you should get a psychological evaluation.” 
Edition 2, 2018 of Maria Legionis, the magazine of the Legion of Mary, gives the text of a talk given by the Servant of God Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary, on “Legion Humour”. It includes this story: 
“Another example would be St. John Bosco in whom humour was as a running river. Like many another saint, he was accused of eccentricity. And on one occasion this caused him to be put into the custody of two Canons to convey him to a mental home. Arriving there, he got out of the vehicle first and formally handed over to the custodians of the institution the two high dignitaries who were with him. He explained that they would probably be a little violent at being held, which certainly proved to be the case. All the excited expostulation of the two Canons and their efforts to explain things were not heeded. John Bosco, who was calm itself during the incident, finally took his leave and departed in the vehicle leaving his former escort struggling in the hands of their captors.” - Fr. Z's Blog

Thank you Fr. Coyle!  Thank you Fr. Z!  Thank you Fr. Bosco!

Sounds like a scene from "Harvey".

Elwood's sister, Veta Louise Simmons, 
tries to have him committed to a sanatorium. 
In exasperation, she admits to the attending psychiatrist 
Dr. Lyman Sanderson that, 
after so many years of putting up with the invisible rabbit, 
she sees Harvey every once in a while herself. 
This causes Dr. Sanderson to let Elwood out and lock Veta up. 


  1. Father Z does not seem to have a problem with a priest disobeying a direct order from his Bishop. In fact, Zuhlsdorf tries to give all kinds of reasons why burning the flag in direct disobedience was okay. From Zuhlsdorf:

    “[The fact that Cupich is a Cardinal is irrelevant. He the the Archbishop of Chicago. Regarding sin: not necessarily. That depends entirely on what has been ordered, or commanded, etc. A priest owes obedience to the bishop in those things that pertain to ministry which are outlined in the law. The priest doesn’t have to obey a bishop in those things that are outside his authority.]”

    Do you agree with him, Terry, that Cupich was outside of his authority to tell Kalchik not to burn the flag?

    1. No - thinking more about it, the Cardinal had every right to tell the priest not to burn the flag, and since it appears he disobeyed, the Cardinal has the right to discipline him. It seems cruel and thoughtless, but there may be more to the story than we know. I'm not a fan of Cupich, but your are right - he's the local ordinary in charge. Considering the priest's actions and allowing parishioners to take the flag and burn sounds a bit like a parish in rebellion, so maybe the problems are deeper. I know people/priests friendly to The Remnant who have burned books and ugly vestments, and these folks maybe like them. I might have fallen for the anti-Francis-Cupich propaganda here. Thanks for your patience and countering with good sensible considerations.

  2. Love that movie! I understand not wanting a rainbow flag at their church. OK, but burning it in a public ceremony is going too far. Whose idea was that?

    1. What could have been done is just quietly get rid of it - pastors do stuff like that all the time. This seems to be in defiance of the Cardinal and an act of 'revolution' - that's a mistake. I erred in judgement here. I still pray for the priest and the Cardinal. I can't abandon the faith and pick and chose which Cardinal-priest-bishop I will listen to and that sort of thing. I went to adoration and got the impression our Lord is far from pleased with that.

    2. Thanks Terry for your honest re-assessment of this situation.



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