Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Will our sons be safe in seminary? Who wants to know?

1994 film "Priest"

Will our children be safe in the Church, and will our sons be safe in seminary?

In 1994 there was a film Catholics called out as blasphemous and anti-Catholic. I saw it and thought it played true, the only negative for me initially is that it seemed to be a film arguing against clerical celibacy. There was more to the film than that however, which seems now almost prophetic.

The opening scene, if I remember correctly, featured a parish priest going across town with a huge crucifix that he smashed through the bishop's mansion window. It played out featuring a pastor with a 'wife' and a young curate attracted to men who acts out when the going gets tough ... just like real life folks.

So we gotta get a grip and stop and think - the film many resisted turned out to be pretty true to life. In fact, we were all told about what was going on way before the news stories broke. I was told too. Now every one of us seems to be reacting in anger as the priest in the opening credits did, when he attacked the corrupt bishop. Sometimes, as the film suggests, there is reason for that.


Watch out for the fanatics.

What's happening, right now, today, is online pundits and critics are talking about 'decimating' the bishops in a way that sounds more like the posse marching over to burn down Dr. Frankenstein's lab and kill the monster than thinking adults discussing what to do. Granted, bishops like Wuerl are suggesting some pretty dumb fixes, but so are people like those who call for an 'inquisition' - I'm not sure we know of what spirit we are when we suggest that type of thing.

Something needs to be done, that is for sure, but I think the crazy talk doesn't do much. I really think people need to listen to moms and dads this time. Real Catholic parents - faithful Catholic parents, like Katrina R Fernandez for one. The very worst thing about bishops and priests is they usually dismiss the women - like Christ's disciples did in the Gospel, they usually say, 'get rid of her'!  Like the corrupt judge in the Gospel, they won't even give them a hearing ...

What Cardinal McCarrick's abuse represents is an attack upon the family. He slithered into the trust of parents and corrupted their kids - the swimsuit photo makes that perfectly clear.

Start listening to parents, to moms and dads, now.

Recruiting vocations.


  1. "What Cardinal McCarrick's abuse represents is an attack upon the family. He slithered into the trust of parents and corrupted their kids - the swimsuit photo makes that perfectly clear."

    That disgusting man with his disgusting grin ... poor kid. His body posture speaks volumes.

    The bishop from Albany, New York says:


    He was appointed bishop by Papa Francis too. That should give some pause since there are a few who have tried to pin this on the Holy Father by the "company he keeps." Whatever ...

    1. Don’t forget to pray for former Cardinal McCarrick. Our Lord died for him, too.

    2. As difficult as it is to pray for that man, in Jesus's name, I do.

    3. It is difficult from a human perspective. I think it is very important to try to see things from a spiritual point of view, Christ said he came not for the righteous, but for sinners. That means He poured out His Precious Blood for people like McCarrick, making sinners like him precious in the eyes of Jesus. Jesus actually wants to save him. Do we want to save people like McCarrick, or are we only interested in condenming? McCarrick needs to face the consequences for what he has done, but we still need to love him.

      Not easy being a Christian.

    4. Very good point point Sojourner - I've been praying for McCarrick and others like him and everyone else. It is true, that Christ shed his Blood for him as well. Thanks for your charity in pointing that out.

  2. Every time I see that photo of the Archbishop and this poor boy, I get nauseated. That is a man in the service of Satan, trolling for souls.

    I have no children, sadly. But I volunteer in a neighboring rectory. Over this summer, two seminarians, one two years from ordination, and the other just starting in a couple of weeks, spent the summer at the parish. Both are full of Jesus. They are handsome, friendly, open-hearted, and eager to serve the Church. We all love them, and we know they will make exceptional priests. Knowing what I do now, I am so frightened for them.

    I know that Jesus will triumph in the end. But at the moment, Satan seems to be having his evil, nasty way with our beloved Church. It is time for heavy-duty prayer, and immediate action. In our Diocese, we are still waiting for some response from our bishop. But I am gratified to read the Bishop of Albany's excellent response (thanx Yaya.)

    All is not lost, brothers and sisters. Pray hard, and keep pushing for positive action so that this never happens again. We are indeed our brother's keepers.

    1. Amen Susan! I truly hope the Holy Spirit will move the bishops to listen to what the Bishop of Albany is suggesting. I agreed with him when he mentioned the fact that bishops investigating bishops reeks of zero credibility especially when we all know they cover for each other, that's the scuttlebutt in the pews, truth be told.

      I am going to ask Saint Joseph to look into the matter and help the many of us who love the Bride of Christ to intercede on the wise Bishop of Albany's noble suggestions ad well as to lay all of our petitions before the throne of our Lord.

      Time to worry less and pray hard!

  3. Excellent commentary and spot-on insight into that flick. Thanks!


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