Monday, July 30, 2018

Well, this made me laugh ...

Wearing really tight scapular, Register's Dan Burke says the McCarrick
story just means that humans are broken.
"If it makes you sick watch EWTN."

Well it was amusing.

Frank Walker is kind of a hero for me now days.  His copy is rather brilliant: "Wearing really tight scapular ..."  LOL!

Even the bishops get a kick out of Walker's editorials.
They laugh and laugh and laugh.


  1. Wow ... back in the day, before the s*** hit the fan, the picture of the four cardinals full of mirth, jollies, laughter would have made me smile.

    Now, instead, I wondered, "Dolan, DiNardo, Whuerl, did they know?"

  2. Ugh, I'm getting shivers.

  3. I am not certain all will be well. That picture of the Cardinals laughing sends chills down my spine. Put aside for a moment the sexual stuff and just think of the financial excess, the big cars, the mansions, fine wine and food. Why on this earth would we support them or look to them for spiritual guidance? It is all bad and we are unwittingly complicit. A cleansing? Perhaps, but it is far from over. For me, I will retreat into my own little world and pray God will forgive what a mess these men have made of their lives and the Churches.

    1. Great point - I was thinking along those lines while writing about B. Solanus Casey.


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