Saturday, July 14, 2018

Consecrated Virgins

Sorry - get your own association.

In the news again.

I didn't realize they had an 'Association', since the consecration takes place individually - the woman is not a nun or a religious sister, and usually lives alone.

It must seem weird to non-Catholics, almost like Vestal virgins from Roman times.  To learn more about them, go here.

Fr. Z mentions there is an uptick in vocations.  On one level it's kind of sad because vocations to the religious life might benefit - but whatever God wills.

Speaking of God's will, as in Canonical legislation, new guidelines suggest a woman may not have to have her virginity intact to make be admitted to the Order of Consecrated Virgins.  The Association of Consecrated Virgins are disturbed by that.

US Association of Consecrated Virgins condemns ‘shocking’ new rules... 
The US Association of Consecrated Virgins has said it is “deeply disappointed” at new rules issued by the Vatican that appear to say consecrated virgins need not be virgins. - Fr. Z

As Dr. Forunati might say, "and that little display of pride" may be why they are not nuns or bound to a religious community in the first place.

Whatever, their disappointment is being picked up by news agencies - good fodder for the angry ones who condemn every announcement from the Holy See.  Poor Steve Skojec no longer knows who or what or where the Church is.  He asks: "where is the Church? What does it consist of when 95% of parishes and bishops and priests and laity are actually not, in any substantive sense, Catholic?"

Some of these people seem to think they are holier than the Church.

Clearly I don't know a lot about Consecrated Virgins, but the complaint from the Association just sounds strange to me, which might be exactly why there is an adjustment in the rules.  When St. Rita sought acceptance by the Augustinian virgins, she was refused entrance to the monastery because she had been married.  Our Lord arranged for her miraculous entrance, and she was finally accepted.  On the other hand, Catherine of Siena was at first refused by the III Order Dominicans because of her youth and virginity - they were widows.  She was eventually accepted.

So you see, these things are not set in stone.  God's will is indicated by the Church.  The Christian follows Christ in obedience to the Father.


  1. The nitpicking is rather strange although I can see both points of view. I don’t know why but this reminds me of something an old venerable Benedictine monk once told me. His beginnings and religious life dated to the pre-Vatican II era. Not that he thought he would be canonized but he jokingly told me one day, “I’m glad they changed the names of the Saints Commons. I was quite afraid that if I ever made it to canonization they wiould have to celebrate my feast under the old category as Neither Virgin nor Martyr“! LOL

    1. :) And as you know the requirements for canonization have been changed as well - to great protest. Why can't I be at your parish or live next door to you?

    2. Gee ... what would the association and "Catholic" folk have said about the great Saint Augustine?

    3. St. Augustine would be just need to always keep in mind the double standard: us men do not get a negative "spoiled goods" reputation from losing virginity, rather, we get a positive "experience gained" round of applause! :)

    4. Wow ... no wonder so many women are enraged.

      From the beginning, to present day the 'ol double standard has yet to die.

      Me? I ain't gettin involved, at least not anymore.

    5. Just in case it wasn’t clear to anyone… The comment I made above was tongue-in-cheek!

    6. As was mine ... a troll post per say. ;))

  2. There is a talented artist who has an informal association with my local Cistercian Monastery. She has publicly proclaimed herself a consecrated virgin. She seems a lovely person who does primarily religious art. It would be interesting to hear from these people as to why they choose this course and what the benefits are. Also interesting, why no parallel association for men?


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