Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Checking in...

My laptop died.

I haven’t been online while a new laptop is getting installed with data transfer and all.  I got an iPad in the meantime, hopefully I can learn to use this.

I had buyer’s regret,wondering why I thought I needed this, but told myself this could be helpful when the power goes out.  I think I delude myself however.  I wrote something on FB about it.  For sure I get my news online, I don’t have cable, so all I get is network news otherwise.  The more we learn seems to me to mean the less we know.

I’m completely mystified by Trump and the latest exposure of the McCarrick story.  I just don’t understand why nothing is being done - the lies and deception seems so obvious, yet no one seems able to do anything about it.

Anyway, it seems to me being online can be more isolating and frequently leads to error, especially in judgement.  It often can distort reality and leads to delusion I think.  I went to Mass at the Cathedral for the feast of Mt. Carmel and I felt convicted regarding the delusions one can easily subscribe to online.  The so-called problems with the liturgy and ordinary form of things and all of that, causes or at least contributes to our doubt and confusion.  Feeding on the negativity generated by online pundits can compromise one’s faith, as evidenced by those who have left the Church, or abandoned the practice of prayer, and so on.  Their crisis of faith may be their own fault.

Having said that, despite my own confusion regarding the silence of authorities regarding Trump and the cover-up in the case of McCarrick, I continue to trust God.  He knows what he is doing.  As the responsorial psalm informs us today:

For the Lord will not cast off his people,
Nor abandon his inheritance;
But judgment shall again be with justice,
And all the upright of heart shall follow it.


  1. "For the Lord will not cast off his people"

    Despite my unfaithfulness, the Lord has shown that he does not cast off his people over and over again. I say this because I know He heard our many prayers in the last days and hours since my Tio T's open heart surgery went well. He was in the OR for fours hours. My cousin just notified me that he is now in ICU recovery from the surgery.

    Praised be God in heaven and on earth! I am grateful for His infinite mercy.

    I also take this moment to thank those of you who are praying for my Tio T.

    May heaven be yours.

  2. Praying, Yaya! Keep us updated. I ask you to pray for our parish and our sister parish, who are without a pastor since May and are praying desperately for a good and holy shepherd. We are in our troubles together!

    Terry, the Responsorial Psalm was perfect. God knows us so well. Reassuring, but warning us to keep to the straight and narrow path. Just what we need, right when we need to hear it.

  3. Remembered your Uncle T several times during the day and prayed for his successful surgery. God does hear our prayers. Will continue to pray for a full and speedy recovery. Terry, your post about why these obvious lies and deception go unchallenged reminds me of an episode from Mother Angelica Live I watched long ago. It had to do with free will. God never inflicts harm on us. We do it to ourselves. She went on to remind the audience that there was God's permitting will and God' ordaining will. He permits men and woman to lie, steal, cheat etc. because we have free will. He ordains that the world and the universe exist and that His love and grace is available to all who choose it. I learned that lesson long ago in Grade school. I wonder if it is still taught to youngsters today?

    1. Thank you kind wh and sk. Prayers are a gift and much appreciated. He is stable thus far, thanks be to God.

    2. Wallace, thank you for the reminder re: God's will.

  4. McCarrick and the abuse of seminarians – Where Peter Is

    The abuse of seminarians is disgusting and vile and evil. Corrupt as corrupt can be.

    Should those who choose to remain silent continue to do so, I pity them for if as we are taught, regarding the Lord's just judgment, woe to them.

    For those who have suffered, I am praying for them. For the corrupt, I will try to pray for them as well.

    1. I *fully* agree.

      It is not noble or merciful to look the other way when we know full well someone has been abused, and a crime has been committed. It hurts the victim a second time, and it encourages the perpetrator to find another victim. By doing nothing and keeping silent, we become co-conspirators, partners in crime. And we facilitate evil, which is *exactly* what Lucifer wants.

      As you say, dear Yaya, we must pray. For those who suffer, for those who have sinned, and most of all, that our leadership purify their consciences and grow a spine.

  5. If you're looking for a really cheap alternative, get a Chromebook. Be warned though, it's basically just a browser along with a few apps.

  6. Yes, I have also found too much immersion in social media /online can be harmful to the spiritual life. Moderation in all things. Pray for me as I will pray for you.


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