Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bishop Tobin quits Twitter.

He says it is an 'occasion of sin'.

Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin left Twitter for good Monday, condemning the site in a final tweet as “an occasion of sin” and major distraction. 
Tobin, bishop of the diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, was known to tweet about hot-button issues like abortion, the church’s sexual abuse scandal and the moral decline of the West. Tobin joined Twitter in February and quickly took to it as one of the most active Catholic clergymen on the social media site. He at first lauded its ability to give users an immediate impact among their audience and to give his particular audience a glimpse into the humanity of a bishop. 
Tobin recognized early on, however, the danger inherent in being able to say anything instantaneously to potentially millions of people at once. The bishop has evidently decided that Twitter’s cost outweighs its reward. 
“A final tweet. Sadly, Twitter has become a major distraction for me, on good days and bad, an obstacle to my spiritual life, an occasion of sin for me and for others. So, good-bye,” Tobin’s tweet read, according to Crux Now. “If I’ve offended anyone, I’m truly sorry. If I’ve helped anyone along the way, thank God.” - CNA

If Tobin really wants to avoid the occasion of sin I'd suggest quitting the USCCB as well.  Just kidding - or am I?

If they ever want to make you a bishop, run and hide.  And if the bishop shows up at your door, don't answer.

The consistent and still current teaching of the old Fathers (which I am embarrassed to repeat, I who failed to escape from my girl cousin, or elude the hands of the bishop) is that in all ways a monk should flee women and bishops. Neither would allow him, once entangled in their company, either to apply himself to peaceful work in his cell, or to cleave to divine contemplation, in the consideration of holy things with undistracted eye. - The Monastic Institutes, John Cassian

See.  So add to that the maxim to avoid Twitter as well.  (Avoiding this blog would be good too.)

Have a nice day.

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  1. If Tobin really wants to avoid the occasion of sin I'd suggest quitting the USCCB as well. Just kidding - or am I?

    Okay, Ter - that made me laugh out load. You've been in rare form lately.

    1. LOUD!!!! How come you never see that crap until you hit publish???

    2. Blogger needs an edit thing for comments.

  2. Good social media policy but I can't follow it. I'd have to give up Twitta-gram-book!


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