Thursday, May 17, 2018

This made me laugh.

I came across something on Facebook again ...

A friend posted a link to a locutionist from Australia who receives messages from Heaven.  I can't understand how or why people follow these 'seers'. 

Heavenly Visitation in my Home

In the morning, while I was in my kitchen, I was saying my prayers, when all of a sudden my house was filled with a Heavenly presence of many, many angels. There was a lot of loud chatter going on amongst these heavenly beings. They were all very happy and very joyous.

I thought to myself, ‘What a privilege that I received this Heavenly visitation’, when, suddenly, I could see God the Father among the angels. Our Blessed Mother was also present in this Heavenly group. I immediately said, “Glory to You, my Father.”

God the Father went and sat on one of my kitchen chairs, which was closest to the window. He was wearing a white tunic with a light brown mantle. I was made to understand from previous visions that the brown mantle represents the priesthood. God the Father was of a younger appearance, with blue eyes and the most beautiful skin. He had no beard. His hair was short and of a greyish colour.

He said to me, “Today, you are very blessed and privileged that we all came to see you and console you because we know that you still grieve after your son. Come close to Me, My daughter, so that we can talk.”

I moved closer to God the Father and said, “My Father, this is such a privilege and a great joy for me that you come to visit my house, but Father this is just an ordinary little house and You are God Almighty.”

He said, “My daughter, don’t think like that. We are very united. Your house belongs to us, so we come to visit you. I have many good friends on earth that I visit, and you are one of them. When you open your heart and you tell us you love us, and are obedient to My Will then we become connected.”

“Tell Me My daughter, what can I do for you today?” - From Valentina Papagna

These locutions are the craziest I have ever come across.  People who follow private revelations leave themselves wide open to be misled.

"Getting Ready" J. Michael Walker


  1. It doesn't say whether she offered God the Father a cup of coffee. That would've been the polite thing to do.
    Seriously, I have a dear old friend who is very devout. This man doesn't have a mean or insincere bone in his body, and he follows every single locutionist and so-called mystic out there. He is always so darned enthusiastic when he finds another one, and new ones keep popping up all the time. I never know what to say to him when he goes on and on about some latest "message". I just smile wanly.

    1. That's kind of sweet. I think the man I know on FB is like that too.


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