Saturday, April 21, 2018

This is salutary ...

Just as I was thinking social media is an incessant, downward spiral, sapping ones energy and sucking the faith from ones being, I came upon an old post.  I was writing about what I so often do, not fitting in - kind of, sort of - and I recalled a letter sent by a monk-spiritual director of mine.  His words encouraged me once again today ...

 "... You will find, as did Catherine of Genoa, that associations do not help you, and it is better for you to be alone.  Only experience will tell you what is best for you." - Fr. Tom

Now I need to do some drawings for a painting of a young Matt Talbot, which I hope to do. 

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  1. Dante offers the same advice......

    'But the heaviest burden your shoulders must bear

    shall be the companions, wicked and witless,

    among whom you shall fall in your descent.

    'They, utterly ungrateful, mad, and faithless,

    shall turn against you. But soon enough they, not you,

    shall feel their faces blushing past their brows.

    'Of their brutish state the results

    shall offer proof. And it shall bring you honor

    to have made a single party of yourself alone.....


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