Friday, April 27, 2018

More bad news for locutionists and seers of the Apocalypse...

North and South Korea.

GOYANG, South Korea (AP) -- The leaders of North and South Korea vowed Friday to seek a nuclear-free peninsula and work toward a formal end to the Korean War this year, though their historic summit concluded with few specifics on how they will reach those ambitious goals.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in set aside a year that saw them seemingly on the verge of war. They grasped hands and strode together across the cracked concrete marking the Koreas' border.

The sight, inconceivable just months ago, may not erase their failure to provide any new measures on a nuclear standoff that has captivated and terrified millions, but it allowed the leaders to step forward toward the possibility of a cooperative future even as they acknowledged a fraught past and the widespread skepticism that, after decades of failed diplomacy, things will be any different this time. - AP



  1. Bad news for apocalyptic locutionists and Midwestern millennialists? That’s just what the anti-God Left wants you to think!

  2. Be careful, Terry,

    You might get pidgeonholed as a trumpster. I got banned from Mark Shea’s blog for pointing to the Korean good news in the middle of one of Shea’s anti-trump discussions


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