Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Holy Father's catechesis on the Holy Eucharist.

Few Catholic pundits seem to comment on the things the Holy Father is saying.

He's discussing the Ordinary Form of Mass - the Liturgy.  He speaks of silence, the meaning and necessity for the Penitential rite, as well as the liturgy as a school of prayer.  Consistent with Sacrosanctum concilium, the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, the Holy Father is offering the catecheses on the Mass of Paul VI, otherwise known as the Ordinary Form or Novus Ordo. The Sacred Liturgy of the Church.

It is important to note since this has been the Ordinary Form of Mass since it was promulgated in 1969.  This is the Mass celebrated by the Popes ever since.  The changes implemented following the Second Vatican Council are legitimate.  Hostility to Vatican II and downright rejection by some in the Church is most likely the reason many Catholics online are ignoring the Holy Father's catechesis.

My prayer is formed by and united to the Liturgy, the prayer of the Church - which as the Holy Father noted “the Opening Prayer is also called the “Collect”, because it gathers up and presents to the Triune God all our individual prayers.”

It seems to me this is one reason we need one calendar for both forms of Mass.

Anyway, I am happy the Holy Father is making this catechesis and continuing to implement the reforms of Vatican II.  For too many years Catholics online have been promoting the idea that the OF of Mass is deficient and heretical, or even 'un-holy', and that Vatican II was a bad Council foretold by private revelation. 

Never make apologies for remaining faithful to the Church and the Holy Father.  Beware of those who hold other views.
Concluding his catechesis, the Holy Father underlined that “by reflecting on these rich prayers, and uniting ourselves with the Church in lifting them up to God, we see how the liturgy becomes for each Christian a true school of prayer.” - Pope Francis

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  1. Thanks Terry for sharing this. I agree with our Holy Father and with you.


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