Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Holy Father in Chile

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 
Patroness of Chile

"How much the heart of the Chilean people knows about rebuilding and starting anew! How much you know about getting up again after so many falls! That is the heart to which Jesus speaks; that is the heart for which the Beatitudes are meant!
Jesus, in proclaiming blessed the poor, the grieving, the afflicted, the patient, the merciful… comes to cast out the inertia which paralyzes those who no longer have faith in the transforming power of God our Father and in their brothers and sisters, especially the most vulnerable and outcast. Jesus, in proclaiming the Beatitudes, shakes us out of that negativity, that sense of resignation that makes us think we can have a better life if we escape from our problems, shun others, hide within our comfortable existence, dulling our senses with consumerism (cf. Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, 2). The sense of resignation that tends to isolate us from others, to divide and separate us, to blind us to life around us and to the suffering of others. 
The Beatitudes are that new day for all those who look to the future, who continue to dream, who allow themselves to be touched and sent forth by the Spirit of God." - P. Francis

Papal Mass in Chile
Saints pictured flanking the altar:
Bl. Laura Vicuna
St. Alberto Hurtado
St. Teresa of the Andes
the last, I'm only guessing,
Bl. Zepherin Namuncura.


  1. Pope Francis loves South America and her people. I am struck how they seem immune to the terrorist threat from external forces. Not that they do not have other very real problems.

  2. The Pope was hit with a newspaper....


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