Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rue du Bac, Paris

The apparitions of Our Lady to St. Catherine, 1830.

It is said these initiated the Marian Era we have experienced since then.  It would be good to consider Our Lady's purpose and mission which began with this important revelation, not to forget, the gift of the Miraculous Medal.  On the reverse of the medal are the  two hearts - the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.  At Fatima Our Lady revealed her Immaculate Heart and stated Our Lord wishes her heart to be honored along side his own.  At Fatima Our Lady came to establish devotion to her Immaculate Heart.  See the thread of this outpouring of grace, which began at Rue du Bac, Paris?

The first apparition.
July 18, 1830, the eve of the feast of Saint Vincent whom she loved so much and whose heart she had seen overflowing with love, Catherine prayed that, through his intercession, her desire to see the Blessed Virgin would finally be fulfilled. At eleven-thirty at night, she was called by name. A mysterious child was at the foot of her bed and asked her to get up. “The Blessed Virgin is waiting for you.” Catherine dressed and followed the child who was “bringing rays of brightness wherever he passed.” Having arrived in the chapel, St. Catherine stopped near the chair used by the priest in the sanctuary (current location of the statue of Saint Joseph). She then heard a sound “like the rustle of a silk dress.” Her little guide said, “Here is the Blessed Virgin.” She hesitated. But the child repeated in a stronger tone of voice, “Here is the Blessed Virgin.” In a single bound, Catherine was at the feet of the Blessed Virgin, seated on a chair and rested her hands on the knees of the Mother of God. “There, a period of time passed, the sweetest of my life. It would be impossible for me to say what I experienced. The Blessed Virgin told me how I should behave towards my spiritual director and also several other things.” The Blessed Virgin pointed to the altar where the tabernacle was and said, “Come to the foot of this altar. Here, graces will be spread over all who ask for them with confidence and fervour.” - Apparitions et Médaille


  1. "She then heard a sound “like the rustle of a silk dress.”

    Made me smile to read such. I know la Virgencita's dress was beautiful in its simplicity and color. Just sweet and something I will remember from now on whenever I gaze upon our Lady. <3

  2. I especially love what occurred re: Our Lady and Alphonse Ratisbonne. I never tire of this great evidence of The Virgin's love for us - I wear the miraculous medal along with one of The Holy Face- such regal accompaniment for one such as I ! I cannot of course let this 'show' visibly at work, but otherwise I do.


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