Monday, April 17, 2017

Benedict and his drinking buddies ...

Typical.  Retire early and drink your days away.  What a crew.  Look at the one in the blue dress, cigarette hanging out of her mouth.  And they say the Irish are a bunch of drunks.



  1. Wish I had been invited. I would have gotten myself plastered then I would have danced and sung Papa Benito's praises til late into the night. Of course, I would have asked the handsome fellow standing being Papa B to join me in a toast or two. <3

    He looks so happy! I am glad!

    Felicidades, querido Papa Benito!

    1. I forgot to add that the nice lady dressed in blue at first does appear to be smoking but as many by now are aware she is not. ;)
      It would strike me as a bit crude to light one up in front of Papa but then again, I would have been labeled a vulgarian had I been invited and had actually gotten plastered.

      Thanks for the chuckles Terry. I sure had fun with it. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love day drinking


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