Monday, March 13, 2017

The man that got away ...

Pier Vittorio Tondelli called chastity 
“a mystic virtue for those who have chosen it 
and perhaps the most superhuman use of sexuality."

A man can do it. 
God was graciously was putting Christians in my life who weren’t mean-spirited. They were very loving, but there was still a question that tortured Carneal: could he really be a Christian and a practicing homosexual? 
“What really kept me in turmoil is I would listen to the conservative Christian side and the liberal Christian side and both spoke with such authority. So many times I would sit in my car and beat on the steering wheel and cry, and sob, and beg God for answers,” said Carneal. 
“It was really taking a toll on my mental and emotional state. I finally just walked away from that life. I walked out of the bars. I stopped hanging around a lot of my gay friends. I stopped hanging around liberal Christians. I just started immersing myself in God’s word. That’s really where I started to get answers and peace about where God really stands on this issue,” said Carneal. 
Carneal then embraced celibacy and says he has been at peace ever since.
“I didn’t know that celibacy was an option. When I found out there were a lot of LGBT individuals who were walking away from that life and were giving their lives to Christ and choosing the path of celibacy because they wanted to please God, that really gave me hope,” said Carneal. - Source

A time comes, and a man can do it.  He might fall, but he gets up and keeps going.  He can get back up.

Time after time.
If you fall I will catch you - I'll be waiting 
Time after time.

“If a Christian wants to move forward on the road of Christian life he must fall, just as Jesus fell. It is the way of humility, yes, it also means he must take humiliation upon himself just as Jesus did”. Pope Francis


  1. It's so hard. Right now I'm the crazy nastyass honey badger:

    Going to Confession & seeing my spiritual director tonight.

    1. This reminded me of myself several years ago: "So many times I would sit in my car and beat on the steering wheel and cry, and sob, and beg God for answers,” said Carneal."

      You're doing the right thing - you just keep on keeping on. A day will come.

  2. This is an excellent post.


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