Monday, February 06, 2017

The cancer of anti-Catholic propaganda ... has seeped into the Church.

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you
 and for those who do not,
especially the enemies of the Church
and those recommended to you. 

Has seeped into the Church.

I think many of us in the Church, fail to recognize that fact.  It's what is happening right now.  Online and elsewhere... even on Catholic social media.  The posters in Rome this past weekend are part of it - must be part of it. An acceleration of an ongoing attack.
The real issue is that the cancer of anti-Catholic propaganda has seeped into the Church, whose members are often unable to look at the past with a detached viewpoint in order to distinguish human errors from the Church itself, and to understand how propaganda has created such a false image of the Church. - Gagliarducci, MondayVatican
Something about those anti-Francis posters this past weekend in Rome seemed off, way off to me.  A faithful Catholic would never, ever, post propaganda like that.  Never.

This is anti-Catholic


  1. I disagree. I see it as Catholic propaganda against the anti-Catholics who are in power in the Vatican.

  2. It's terrible but to me, a sign that he is on the right teack, a fruit of the Cross. If he was whimpy or ineffective would anyone even bother?

    Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. Mt. 5:11-12

    1. Diakonos, I agree with you. One day everyone will see this.

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  3. totally agree with you....this will end badly

    Still say only a trad would do such a thing.

    They are getting frustrated with the Pope.

  4. I did not know what to make of this story at first. Then I happened upon a story in the Buffalo News about Steve Bannon's alliance with Vatican conservatives particularly Cardinal Burke. It then begins to make some sense. Here is the article.

    1. I just read that in the NYT - I hate to say it - but that has to be why a certain Cardinal is marginalized - I didn't realize his political connections - or at least I never made much of them.

    2. Bannon recruited a former Legion of Christ ex-priest who had a child with the art historian who is daughter to some former female politician/ambassador to the Vatican. Said former cleric has his own pager on Breitbart news and covers the Vatican for them.

      An interesting bag of characters for sure. O_o


      An honest question ... where were all these protesters/rioters back then?

    4. I know who that priest is - didn't know Bannon recruited him. His mother-in-law is Mary Ann Glendon. Not bad people.

      I saw the Iraqi Archbishop - he is right of course.

    5. No, not bad people but no one is in any position to throw mud around is my point. Poor Cardinal Burke. I hope he lays low and dedicates himself to praying for the rest of us. All this rumor mongering must be tough but then again ...

    6.'re the worst rumor monger of you really not see your own reflection?

      And please tell me....what is not utterly truthful in the posters?

    7. Me a rumor monger? Wow ... thank you for pointing that out as I will need to get to confession and stop with the rumor mongering.

      What I said about Cardinal Burke was in good faith and in charity. I truly hope he can find peace in the midst of all the rumor mongering. And please, you give me way too much credit since I only rumor monger what I read elsewhere and I am by no means the source.

      Next time I do fall and rumor monger again, I will post the source so as not to appear to be rumor mongering but merely passing said rumor mongering along.

    8. "What I said about Cardinal Burke was in good faith and in charity. I truly hope he can find peace in the midst of all the rumor mongering."

      By this comment I mean he himself, who is the one being rumored about.

      "What is not utterly truthful in the posters?:

      You mean with regards to assumptions/innuendo and whatnot? My mere opinion but what do I know? I cannot read hearts nor minds nor intentions. I only know what I fail in and what I truly lack knowledge in. But no one is in any position to throw mud at anyone else ... beginning with the Holy Father, he deserves respect and much prayers since he is the Vicar of Christ.

    9. allow me to rephrase; 'gossip' would have been more precise than rumor monger...and we all know how Fr. bergoglio feels about all good faith and charity.

    10. Of course ... of course,but I know that Papa Francis is wise and just when he tells us that our Father in heaven never tires in forgiving us and therein lies my hope.

      Now then, with all due respect, your disrespect towards our Holy Father disqualifies you from being taken seriously by yours truly and therefore as Terry knows me, I retreat most humbly.

      Viva il Papa!

  5. ....see ? We are Already in schism. This thread is a microcosm of the larger dispute going on. The division in the CC is playing out like the presidential election, media on one side v. media on the other.
    *sigh*. sorta kinda like the Tower of Babel. Where & when will it all end.
    I have had to take a big step back from it all, my heart is grieved so.

  6. That's exactly why I only pay attention to crackpot blogs. What!?


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