Sunday, August 21, 2016

Donald Trump's new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway ...

Trump has "expressed his regret publicly and said,
 'If I have caused you personal pain 
-- that can include me, that can include you'
 -- that he regrets that," Conway said. - CNN

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  1. I am reminded of one of the futurist novels, perhaps 1984. Doubletalk becomes the coin of the realm. You cannot accept, should not accept what is said because it means nothing but sounds good. I laugh at Trumps' using the old regret trick to avoid an apology. To regret something is not the same as being sorry for something.We are all traveling through this fun house we are calling an election. Is this the new normal? I still think this is a big lark that has gotten totally out of control. Trump will panic if he seems to be getting close to winning. There is so much we do not know about both candidates. Secrets, money management, Russian connections, pay for play. It is pitiful that this is the choice we get. Someone is going to implode before Nov. 8th. I have no idea who but I think the Russians have the ability to make it happen for both of them. In Trump's case it is financial deals with Russian Mafia and Hillary it is her e mails. I am more and more convinced they have damning info on both. It is just a matter of who they want to destroy.


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