Friday, July 22, 2016

The best commentary on The Trump RNC Victory ever ...

“To get a man’s soul and give him *nothing* in return: that is what gladdens the heart of Our Father Below.” – Uncle Screwtape
Trump has achieved what no Democrat could ever do: Get conservative Christians to enthusiastically, if not fanatically, back a candidate who supports both abortion and gay marriage and still feel as righteous about themselves and contemptuous of their culture war enemies as when they once opposed those things. He even got them to believe they were God’s Champions of Religious Liberty as they screamed off the stage a guy who called for people to vote their conscience. - Mark Shea

I wish I had said that.

Thank you Mark Shea.


  1. Donald Trump is following the platform of the Republican party which is the most pro-life/anti gay marriage platform ever.

    Ted Cruz was, most assuredly, not booed off the stage because he told people to vote their conscience. He was booed off the stage for breaking his word to support the nominee. As usual, Mr. Shea gets everything bass ackwards.

    He accuses the supporters of Donald Trump of being "righteous" and "contemptuous" to others, while he spews the most hate-filled, nasty, and vindictive rhetoric on his Facebook page, which, at times, is so bad it actually makes me ill. No one, who calls themselves a Christian, should ever speak like he does.

  2. I wouldn't be so sure he is going to be following that "pandering to the loudest voices" platform. He kind of gave a wink and a nudge to that last night. I think that our Commander in Chief has other things to occupy his energy then ...try to reverse gay marriage which is not going to happen, no matter how much the Far Right Wing of the party huffs and puffs...(even they know it, they are dangling a carrot to those voters clinging to the fantasy that it will dissolve.) One thing I do like about Trump is that he doesn't give two doves about those things one way or another.

    The anger level on all sides is really, really disturbing. Though I do agree, those people screaming the loudest about their Christian Faith should maybe tone it down a bit and not act like they are on a Real Housewives Reunion.

  3. I don't believe a word Trump has to say. Conservatives pissed and moaned about the Obamas - and continuously condemned Obama for his narcissism - Trump's narcissism strikes me as pathological and extremely dangerous. I doubt very much he cares about the GOP platform - when he gets in - watch out. My bet is he will enforce law and order through martial law.

    I appreciate Matt Archbold's POV on Ted Cruz - and thoroughly support it:

    "As far as Cruz goes, I absolutely understand why he wouldn't endorse. Trump called his wife ugly and accused his father of killing JFK. And he called him a liar every day for a month. And Cruz doesn't believe that Trump is a good man who's a fit leader. So the question is why would he endorse?"

    This is how Trump will be as president.

    In Minnesota we were very quickly embarrassed after electing Jesse Ventura... fool me once ...

    Sorry I disagree with those who support Trump. And nope - I don't support Hillary either.

  4. I wondered about Trump & martial law last night ... it could happen. To be honest, I've been expecting it to happen under Nobama and most certainly expect it to happen under Hillary. I don't recognize our country anymore. Let's move to Malta, Terry!

    1. I first heard talk of martial law under Bush Jr. from some Medjugore folks at my parish after 9/11. An older fellow in the group said he saw a crow sitting on top of the church that day and knew it portended imminent evil. Most of them are dead now being in their mid to late 80's at the time.

  5. I don't think anyone will go for martial law. They'd have to confiscate millions of guns first. Not gonna happen.

    1. If Hill gets in - those guns are gone Little Miss Shirley Ujest. What?

  6. Trump preaches the prosperity gospel.


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