Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Apparitions of Our Lady of Lipa ... the Bishop over-ruled.

Last year the local bishop approved the apparitions and devotion to Our Lady of Lipa, Mediatrix of Grace, contradicting earlier Vatican judgments since 1951 that the apparitions were not supernatural - the last such declaration was made in 2010.  Yet last year the local bishop determined that the apparitions were 'worthy of belief'.

Cardinal Muller, prefect of the Congregation of the Faith nullified the local bishop's decree, pretty much because he had no authority to make that determination.  Hence the Vatican ruling stands.  The story and letter is published here.

I always found these apparitions compelling since they involved a Carmelite community whose discernment I felt would have to be trustworthy, guided as they must be by their heritage of spiritual discernment and prayer.  I also loved the image representing Our Lady, which inspired devotion in my heart.  I never paid a great deal of attention to the messages, since I've always found the message of Fatima complete and more than enough for me.  Nevertheless, I was intrigued by the phenomenon of  rose petals at Lipa, said to be miraculously impressed with images of Christ and Our Lady.  These 'signs' seemed to prove the authenticity of the apparitions.  The weirdest part for me was the suppression of the apparitions, the transfer of the prioress to another monastery, and the seer leaving religious life.  That was the only 'creepy' part I could discern, which resulted in my not being entirely convinced by the entire story.

It's interesting how this has turned out.  Approval given, then refuted, and so on.  In the current declaration, the CDF reiterates the order that studies of the apparitions be disbanded.  The case is closed.  No 'yes, buts' or spinning the story saying things like, 'they didn't condemn - they just said they couldn't find evidence that anything supernatural went on there.'  It's over, not deemed worthy of belief.

I think it's best to live ordinary life with great faith - preferring not to see - and in some cases - not to know - at least not to know too much about these things.  God is pleased with faith.

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  1. Yes but........Human nature being what it is we look for signs. It will not die away like all the others there will always be followers and true believers. Especially now with the world in the state it is.


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