Monday, May 16, 2016

Those Ridiculous Fatimists ...

Discalced Nuns of the Carmel of Coimbra, Sr. Lucia's community.

They are out in droves.

Questioning everything - accusing popes and saints of lying and cover-up about the content of the 'secret' - hiding the part concerning the great apostasy and 'bad Mass'.  It has grown progressively worse over the years and now when we are entering the first centenary - it's crazier than ever.

The Vatican revealed the secret - one secret in three parts - Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith: The Message of Fatima - read it here.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - CDF - it used to be called the Holy Office - responsible for the dogma of faith. Cardinal Ratzinger was its head when the secret was reviewed under the authority of St. John Paul II. When you or anyone else claims the entire secret was not revealed you are accusing the Church, the Pope and the Magisterium of lying. You are inventing conspiracy theories and promulgating error. Even if an old priest-friend of Pope Benedict claims Benedict told him this or that part of the secret has yet to be revealed - don't believe him.  The third part of the secret was  always for the pope to read - it was never mandated that the secret be revealed to the pubic.  The first parts of the secret already contained what was essential for the faithful to know.

Included in the sensationalist claims of Fatimists is that there was an impostor Sr. Lucia - a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Proponents insist the difference in photos of the young Lucia and the old Lucia is proof positive. Sr. Lucia had bad teeth, most likely she was fitted with dentures which changed her appearance or 'bite'. It is absolutely ridiculous to make such claims that an impostor replaced the real seer. Such claims make an entire community of Carmelite nuns liars and co-conspirators. Likewise, the idea of a bad council and a bad Mass is ridiculous, because the Carmel of Coimbra is faithful to the Magisterium and would have accepted Vactican II as well as the Ordinary Form of Mass. (Look at the photo at top - a bunch of co-conspirators? I don't think so.) In addition, the family of Sr. Lucia would have to be complicit in such a cover-up. It is absurd.

These conspiracy theories and doubts are promulgated by those who wish to discredit the Catholic Church and justify their rejection of Vatican II, the Mass of Paul VI - or the Ordinary Form, as well as the Papacy since 1960.

It doesn't matter who is spreading these stories and doubts, be it Alice Von Hildebrand or Ingo Dollinger or anyone else, repeating what they heard these people say is called hear-say testimony.

Private revelations add nothing to the deposit of faith, they never can assume an authority greater than the Church. The faithful are not obliged to accept private revelations, and they are certainly not obliged to pay any attention to those who take it upon themselves to interpret private revelations. Even Sr. Lucia was instructed and understood it was not her place to offer an interpretation of the visions and messages.

If there is any conspiracy involved in the Fatima revelations, it is to be found in those who discredit the Holy Father and the Magisterium and sensationalize the message of Fatima. Traditionalists would do well to look for Masonic-Communist influences among their own kind.

The Ball of Redemption.
Duck and cover.

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  1. Ok, so everything and everyone has been subverted. There is no truth, no objective reality, no human institution we can trust. These people have no hope in our future or in human nature in general. Meanwhile the world holds much beauty, the opportunities for charitable behavior are daily present, our prayer life can be full and rich. Why drwell on the negative. Mary told us at Fatima that, "in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph." What else do we need to know?

  2. Obviously, the "Red Rubber Ball" is what was prophesied by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley (and as recorded by The Cyrkle):
    I think it's gonna be all right.
    Yeah, the worst is over now.
    The mornin' sun is shinin' like a red rubber ball.

    Clearly a symbol of hope. :-)

    1. OMGosh - the Cyrkle - I hated that song then - I'd probably like it now. LOL!

      Anyway - in one photo I thought it looked more like grandpa's bald head blurred by the flash.

  3. Interesting Terry...I didn't know this little weird Fatima conspiracy was going on or that the Third Secret was revealed...(I thought that it had but then people kept saying it wasn't...) I do like the Sr. Lucia clone that replaced her story....I can see Dan Brown written all over that...with the real Sr. locked up in a Vatican dungeon..waiting, waiting for a heroic librarian and a sexy, but smart female theologian to save her, being chased by evil ninja Vatican guards.."The Dragons from Hell."

    I must say the problem with this stuff is that it is so symbolic that it is open to anyone's take. I find it hard to believe that it was JP II that was mentioned as the Pope in the vision goes down for the count and also, as they said, it may be a symbol for all the faithful who have suffered through the years. I do kind of see Sr. Lucia being led by the Vatican to perhaps interpret this the way they see it. "So your vision was the Pope?" and her "Oh YES!" That I see as more controlling and patriarchal then a conspiracy but I could be giving both Sr. Lucia and the others not enough credit.

    1. Well I know you are a big Bayside devotee so you don't have to worry about these things. LOL!

    2. Terry, I don't trust my seers unless they have bad Mom hairdos (or I am sure, wear plastic rain bonnets) and wear a LOT of you can see my attraction to Bayside..


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