Friday, April 22, 2016

Michael Voris Outed

It's always something.

I came online and discovered Voris 'outed' himself because as rumor had it:
“We have on very good authority from various sources that the New York archdiocese is collecting and preparing to quietly filter out details of my past life with the aim of publicly discrediting me, this apostolate and the work here.” - Source
I hate it when that happens.  Poor Michael has been accused of being gay ever since speaking against the so-called gay agenda, gay seminarians/priests/bishops and others.  It always happens when you do that: Speaking out about the evils of homosexuality, contesting the Gay-Catholic Movements,  without a proper certificate of heterosexuality and or some sort of academic pedigree ...

Would the NY archdiocese collect and filter out details of Voris' past life?  Not officially, but maybe a well meaning employee might.  It could happen.   There has to be some truth to the story, for Michael to reveal this stuff before it made 'news' online.

I admire Michael for his courage.  I totally understand why he wanted his past to be behind him.  I admire and understand completely his fight against the evils of homosexuality, challenging Catholic officials and institutions for their support of homosexuality, and so on.  It's 'dirty work' exposing others - what goes around, comes around.

I feel bad for Michael.  I've always liked him and often agreed with him - sometimes I've been a bit shocked by his material - but I think I knew he had some experience - I just didn't care to know and I would never say it out loud even if I had.  I hate it that gay people insist people 'come out' or seek to 'out' others.  Now it has become a social obligation more or less - people think you are dishonest unless you come out.
He apologised to those who were hurt by the revelations, saying: “I want to take a moment to apologise to anyone who is wounded in any way by this. I did not intend to deceive. I just didn’t see the need to provide up-close detail of past sins in order to inform people of the Faith.
“I thought it sufficient to simply state the true and overriding fact that I had led a horrible life, and through my mother’s efforts, been given sufficient grace to come home as a prodigal son.” - Source

I recall telling a guy who worked for me, who knew I shared a house with a friend - a man, that I didn't want to talk about my private life because people would think I was gay.  Yet that knowledge pretty much confirmed for my coworker that I was.  It's a no-win situation.  Damned if you do, damned if you don't.  You almost have to pass a litmus test to prove you are not gay or sexually active, or, if you do not vehemently speak out against the 'gay' you are somehow supporting it or too soft on the 'gays'.  Voris says: "I did not intend to deceive."  I know he didn't.  I never did either.

Voris wrote of his discovery of “God’s saving power”: “I was restored to life. It is real, every last bit of it. And when you know it, you know it – and you want everyone else to know it. And you want to make sure nothing stops them from knowing it like you know it.” - Source

Like I have said, over and over, I've always liked Michael Voris.  He's a good man.  This will help many to understand his sense of urgency and militancy.  This will help him grow in humility and love and deeper devotion to Christ who 'raised him up'.  I think he may even be more effective now - since it will be difficult for his foes to suggest he doesn't know what he's talking about.  It's clear he does.

My prayers and best wishes to him, and empathy with this unfortunate experience.  Be not afraid, my friend.



  1. I really like what he wrote about how he lost his masculinity and his sense/understanding of himself through mortal sin. I experienced the same thing, though with lust for women. It's a universal problem--at least for those who live against Christ. i really only began to understand myself, be at peace with myself, come into manhood several years after my conversion.

    The amazing thing about life is that serious sin can screw you up beyond your imagination, and yet Christ can restore you, enliven you also beyond your greatest hopes.

    1. "The amazing thing about life is that serious sin can screw you up beyond your imagination, and yet Christ can restore you, enliven you also beyond your greatest hopes."


  2. Lovely post, Terry. I agree...

  3. I don't like to kick a dog when he is down...(and would the archdiocese really be so petty as to investigate and leak this info? Especially since in the "real" world no one really knows who Voris is???) However, "seems to me" (i.e. my opinion) to be a bit disingenuous when he professes that he did not think anyone would want to know the details of his sins. Well, no of course not, but if you rail against gay people and gay sins on a continuous basis, you kind of need to come clean about it. If you become a public figure especially a "faith" figure, you need to be honest..not the details, but the general issue. Also, people listen to people who have experienced the problem they talk about so much. Hey, I make fun of that other guy, who admittedly over shares...(please no more, we take your word for it) but at least he is saying, "Hey, this is where I WAS, and this is where I am AT." All he had to say, was what he said now. "I used to sleep with men and women before my return, and I put my mom through hell, and through her prayers I changed." (not to mention I read something where he said he never had a conversation with a homosexual...okay so maybe you werent talking much but...)

    I would question, in the past, if he also would have appreciated and been turned back to the faith if he heard a screeching man yelling about sodomites, etc. Hopefully he will learn to perhaps be more compassionate and gentle with others who have been in his place.

    If the diocese was actually up to this nonsense...."Girls, nice!"

    1. I'm kind of surprised he's gotten by for so long without someone else 'outing' him.

      Anyway - I really admire him for the 'confession' he made. I totally understand not wanting to talk about it before or disclose his past conduct. I've been reprimanded for not doing so, but most priests who have directed me always said it wasn't a good idea. Then people who knew me did it for me. So, like I say - damned if you do, damned if you don't.

      I hope he won't be pigeon-holed now as ssa or gay or ex-gay. I actually think that is the reason many are reluctant to disclose past activity or former lifestyles. Even though he exposes this stuff in other apostolates or Catholic organizations - his apostolate isn't limited to gay-ssa issues. JS devotes his entire website to the gay-ssa issues, as do other apostolates. They serve a purpose no doubt - but talk about limiting God! And after awhile, enough is enough.

      What is clear, Voris made a statement and has received the greatest support and affirmation from every walk of Catholic life - that is truly edifying and a grace in itself. There is so much packed into his presentation which refutes popular opinion on the subject. I love how he said he surrendered his masculinity - that is a very revealing thing to say. I have so much respect for him.

      Now however, I hope he can move on with his work and won't get caught up in the gay-ssa online craziness - which is a huge vortex in itself. There is nothing worse than all-gay-all-day-every-day sites. Or constantly discussing gay issues and lgbtq theories. You marginalize yourself with that stuff. Voris has worked through much in his life and represents the classic penitent who turned from sin.

      He knows who he is - he knows himself - and he's now free to continue his work.

      As for the archdiocese - no one will ever know for sure - but someone has been investigating him - to be sure. I'm just surprised it only surfaced now.

    2. Hmmm...I disagree with you my friend but I love your compassion.Would that Voris have been as compassionate with others whom many times he basically did the same to as he claims the archdiocese is doing to him. Live by the fake sword die by it. I would have more respect for him had he showed that compassion to others instead of using a bully pulpit to root out other "sodomites" and to shame and demean and demonize them. Truly let's hope he has had a change of heart..(though his continued martyr act would not point to that at this time.)

    3. I know you disagree and that's perfectly fine. I have my reservations too - but all in all I wish him well. Things may get harder for him now than easier - and so I keep him in my prayers. Anyway - I wish this wasn't always such an issue and we could just be who we are - beloved children of a Father who loves us.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Mack - don't go away sad - Mary who writes Catholic in Brooklyn may help you feel better:

  4. "Hopefully he will learn to perhaps be more compassionate and gentle with others who have been in his place."

    Unfortunate way to be outed but every behavior has its consequences. When you put yourself out there and are in constant attack gay mode this or that, it was bound to happen much like that Cardinal from Scotland who was pretty much throw to the wolves as well.

    Anyway, I am giving the NY archdiocese the benefit of doubt. It could have been someone working in the office who had the goods on Mr. Voris, who knows. Anyway, it's done and I am not at all surprised.

    Hopefully, all concerned can move on since there are so many more important pressing issues in the world that need our prayers.

    1. Yeah - I have a hard time believing it was on any official level, but I know that in the past diocesan interests have had others investigate or research perceived enemies ... off the record of course. Then there are members of the faithful who report and or 'leak' personal information. It's what people do. Voris has informants - others do too - do they use it?

      It all works out in the end.

    2. It sure does and while I am no supporter of Mr. Voris or his tactics, who knows, maybe his best work has only now begun ... no more pretense just a witness for Christ Jesus who was lifted up and transformed to new life.

  5. Melinda Selmys posted something great and beautiful:

  6. Mack - sorry you removed your comment - I may disagree sometimes but we think alike and I always, always appreciate your POV - it helps ground me. Anyway - you are the best Mack! Big hug!

  7. Michael Voris once villified a seminary for asking seminarians to wear bathrobes after showers to avoid leading others into temptation. What a hypocrite! It beggars belief that naked men hold no sexual interest for him given his past.

  8. No wonder the term 'evil old queen' was termed.


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