Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Today's Shootings Update: San Bernardino, California

Details unfolding ...

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- Police on Wednesday confirmed there had been a shooting incident at a social services center in San Bernardino, California. Officials initially reported there were up to 20 victims and that up to three shooters were at large.
Lt. Richard Lawhead told MSNBC the incident is at Inland Regional Center. According to its Facebook page, the Inland Regional Center assists individuals with developmental disabilities. It has nearly 670 staff and provides services to more than 30,200 people.
At about 1 p.m., more than two dozen staff members, some of whom were in wheelchairs, were being escorted out of the building and loaded into school buses. Law enforcement vehicles from a number of agencies surrounded the building. - Huffington

It will be all over the news, so details will be coming in.  No known motive at this time.
It happens a lot, doesn't it.  


  1. San Bernardino is an hour from home. Prayers for those killed, those wounded, and those who are involved in aiding to secure the area and capture the perpetrators.

    There are at least 70 schools in the area per all accounts. One suspect is down as they continue to search for two more.


  2. I'm praying for the souls of the dead, that they were ready. We just never know when our time is. Makes me want to go to confession right now. Actually, I'm praying for everyone. Pray for the first responders and those who minister to them. They go through hell at times.

  3. Maggie Goff: +1.

    Terry, at a time like this here's someone to think about:


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