Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for the religiously-inclined pop-culture addicts in your family ... or the office worker who is seriously Orvis Dei

... or just those little-nippers at the Oglethorpe Orphanage outside Savannah:

I actually like these.  
I think it works as contemporary religious art.

The St. Joseph is cool.  So is St. Sebastian.
They don't move me to devotion, but
they might someone else.

Have a Merry little Christmas - and don't forget the little-nippers!

Song for this post here.  What?


  1. Just horrible...

  2. They aren't real: right ? These don't really exist anywhere: right ?
    Now, the Hopper innovations - Love that.
    I get schizophrenic at Cultural Christmas Time. Much as I work to insulate myself from creeps in. It's like PTSD, although I do not want to insult service men & women who suffer with this: childhood trauma/holidays, one of those gifts that keep on giving, decade after decade. On the other hand, the daily rosaries and the meditations upon Mary, Jesus, Joseph - the immensity of Their gift... I so look forward to midnight Mass, but right now..ahh the anxiety...
    surely I am not the only sufferer.

    1. The statues are from Brazil.

      I've seen worse in religious stores. Then there is Precious Moments. ;)

    2. Too ugly to even consider. ;0 Love your new image. Reminds me of downtown Los Angeles, CA around 2am on Broadway. I have fond memories of those heady days. The Nativity scene from Erbil is just lovely. Despite their suffering, the refugees living in that camp love Jesus and Mary and will not abandon their faith.

      Lord Jesus, bless your faithful little ones with heaven! Amen

    3. Thanks again Yaya for purchasing those things - I'm very grateful!

    4. Thank you Terry for the gift of your talent and devotion in painting such precious images of Mary, St. Francis, San Junipero Sierra and of our Lord Jesus Christ. I can't wait for their arrivals!


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