Thursday, October 29, 2015

Going 'postal'...

Postal posts.

That phrase originated with postal workers who went nuts and caused mayhem at their job-sites.

Then it got to be commonplace and spread to other businesses and schools - tragically.  Although the term 'going postal' can have a sort of humorous context - like saying someone is going nuts - it's probably not the best term to use.  Despite the fact it could really apply to blogs, bloggers, and the art of blogging.  A friend axed me if I was 'going posty' the other day when I posted on why Fr. Longenecker sometimes pisses me off.  I took the post down because no one needs to know that or see that.

More seriously, I was kind of, sort of, afraid of going postal-posty.  It happens when you read too many crackpots online - and since I'm one of them - how could I not react to some of those postal bloggers?

Years ago, there was a very popular blogger with great taste in art and architecture who went postal-posty.  He freaked out online, called out Catholic bloggers and literally spewed venom at the whole lot of us.  I had the feeling he had some issues.  I was afraid I was on the verge of getting to be like him.  He maybe met a lot of his online friends in chat-rooms and forums, something I never did - but for those who did, friendships were formed and when they began blogging they had a built-in following.  Somehow this fellow felt betrayed by the Catholic blogosphere - and went postal-posty.  I miss him.

I think that still happens - not always in the same way, to be sure.  But we can get too wrapped up in editorializing the news, one another - even ourselves, as well as world and church events and scandals - and gul-darn-it, start thinking we're important.  On the other hand, we maybe aren't getting the attention and respect we think we deserve... and just like Joan Crawford, we go a little nuts.

I've had to watch out for that myself.  Which brings me back to Fr. L.  Just kidding.  

Anyway - I bet everyone regrets something they said online at one time or another.  What you post or put in writing pretty much stays there.  I've found when I insist I'm right or what I wrote needed to be said - well, that's ego talking.

I can't tell you how many letters of resignation from this job or that parish still haunt me.  At least with blog posts you can return them to draft, delete content, repost and then delete the post entirely - and it's pretty much no longer available.  But God knows what you said, wrote.

Penance, penance, penance.

I bet that the Polish gay priest, Fr. Krzy lives to regret his letter to the Pope.  At least I hope he will.

Was this post necessary?  


That said, I should do a list of bloggers who have gone postal-posty...

Some of the pros seem to have learned to avoid crazy talk - or couch it in more diplomatic terms and respectful conversational tones.  Like, 'engaging Fr. Toonces' - rather than, 'Taking down the evil-sodomite-assface, Fr. Toonces' - see the difference?  

Have a nice day family - we love you!

- Bob and Penny


  1. Another great post and one I can relate too. ;)

  2. Totally LOVE the Anthony Perkins gif. The other one, too, but Perkins is ...... I dunno what to say. :)

  3. But I like Fr. Toonces!



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