Monday, September 18, 2017

A Franciscan and a Dominican Saint for September 18

St. Joseph Cupertino, pray for the unwanted.

I like St. Joseph Cupertino for so much more than his miracles and wonders.  In the account of his life it is noted that even as a child, "nobody wanted Joseph; even his mother did not want him; Joseph learnt this lesson very early and accepted it." - Read more on his life here.

St. John Macias, pray for the simple.

"Rays of light streamed from the blessed's face as he taught the catechism to the poor, or prayed by himself in the gatehouse. He said an amazing number of rosaries and made no less than twenty daily visits to the Blessed Sacrament. He is said to have liberated more than a million souls from purgatory, many of whom came back, while he was at prayer, to thank him for his help." - More on his life here.


  1. I feel so sad for St. Joseph Curpertino. To be wanted by no one, ignored and abused is the plight of too many children and adults. Thanks for sharing. I learned about a new saint with much to teach us.

    1. Maximilian Schell, the very handsome German actor did a movie about St. Joseph of Cupertino. "The Reluctant Saint" is the title of said movie. Old fashioned, bordering on corny but still a sweet portrayal.
      Grab some popcorn and sit down with your Mrs. and watch it sometime. ^^

    2. Yes, will have to check that out. Thank you.


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