Thursday, July 23, 2015

The babies are alive ...

Please support David Daleiden and his efforts to expose Planned Parenthood.

I just read something so disturbing.
“In order to get good heart tissue, it has to be processed within five minutes of death. I bet the gruesome fact is that many of those babies are alive when they are harvested.” - Investigator David Daleiden, of the Planned Parenthood Videos
Badger Catholic editor Matt Korger linked to this story yesterday.  I facetiously commented - "I wonder if some of the more famous bloggers will condemn this undercover operation because they lied?"  As in the Lila Rose debates.  I think that is forthcoming.

Too bad - because it will only detract from the original story, as well as the ongoing release of more videos exposing the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari-style abortion procedures conducted in the pristine PP clinics.  If indeed anyone is working unethically and lying, it is the PP operatives and their bioscience clients.  Stunningly, PP lawyers are accusing Daleiden of deceptive practices:
Planned Parenthood’s lawyer issued a five-page letter to the investigating House Energy and Commerce Committee accusing Daleiden of many things, including harassing Planned Parenthood and likely deceptively editing the videos. The letter complains that Daleiden passed as a representative of the fake company Biomax Procurement Services; and that as part of the ruse, he had even set up displays at Planned Parenthood conferences. - NCRegister
Blaming the messenger - in this case, the investigator David Daleiden, and sidetracking this story into an ethics debate about undercover work as lying, will not save lives, nor prevent Nazi-style atrocities occurring and progressing to even worse - if that is possible.

This past weekend I caught a video of someone saying it isn't enough to take the moral high ground about this story - it has to be fought legally.  While it is true it needs to be fought legally - in court and appealing to Congress and the higher courts, we all need to take the moral high ground.  The culture is pretty much completely amoral as it is - some one has to reclaim the moral high ground.

First things first however - and the most serious problem at hand has absolutely nothing to do with undercover investigators posing as potential clients.

It's about human life.  Killing babies.  Harvesting organs - even while the baby is alive.  These are crimes against humanity.  Don't people get that?  War criminals were imprisoned and executed for such crimes.

Though clinically sanitized by PP and in hospital settings, this is what the Aztecs did in human sacrifice - they extracted the hearts of human beings while they were still alive.  This is being done to helpless infants - with their mother's consent.

We have been excusing women and abortion perpetrators for decades now, yet abortion/choice has become, for lack of a better word, inculturated/acculturated, as it were.  In other words, we've grown to accept it - to the degree that even Archbishop Chaput says, “No one should be shocked by this video, this is who Planned Parenthood is and what it does."

Really?  Then why hasn't something been done before this?

The moral high ground is imperative.

"We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other." - Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Head of child killed in Middle East.

Mothers who have experienced abortion often protest
displaying graphic images of aborted children because it is
too painful.  Imagine how painful it must be for the newborn 
whose heart is being extracted while he is still alive? 
Without that evidence, many people do not believe the
aborted fetus is a fully formed baby.  Perhaps the 
atrocities committed by ISIS is in someway 
the medium for us to understand that we do the exact same thing
to our children in our hospitals and Planned Parenthood clinics.

We have to stop lying to ourselves and others.


  1. Exposed graphic images too painful? Why hide from the horror of this horrible truth? Why run from it or shut your eyes to the reality that is so dark?

    As horrible as the atrocities are with regards to ISIS they do what they do out in the open and are no hypocrites about it. Such ghastly boldness is beyond me.

    Now that these PP "secrets" are being exposed who has time to squabble about other stuff that has wasted so much energy and time in the Catholic blogosphere? What about more time in prayer pleading before the throne of the Righteous One to save His people?
    How much more are we to endure and to tolerate? Have we become so fat and so complacent that as long and my belly is full and my computer is running and I am "safe and comfortable" in my indignation, I don't need to budge?

    I am asking because I am asking this of myself...guilty as charged.

    1. I agree. I'm blaming myself as well. This is a horrible crime we've lived with all of these years.

  2. "I wonder if some of the more famous bloggers will condemn this undercover operation because they lied?"



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