Friday, July 10, 2015

Look! Look! Pope Francis with Conceptionist Nuns!

"Holy Father!  Mother Mariana de Jesus told us to tell you that she never said all that stuff ..."

But don't tell Patrick or Steve or Marian!



  1. It has been reported that many of those precious religious have broken protocol just so they could hug Papa Panchito. There was one video where a Sister of Charity would not let him go and she just rested herself on him much like St. John the Beloved Disciple did on our Lord Jesus.

    Despite all the negative nags online...what I see among the people of faith is what helps to build me up and the Church herself. I know folks have their opinions but I am tired of the negativity towards our Holy Father.

    Thanks Terry for always building up the faith by not tearing down our Holy Father.

    1. I love him and I am so impressed that the contemplatives are so taken by him. A priest-friend remarked to me that Benedict was like John of the Cross and Francis is more like St. Teresa of Avila.

      That said - he also told me many of his colleagues are not all that supportive of the Holy Father, they are men in their 60's.

    2. BTW - aren't Conceptionist nuns beautiful? I love their habits.

    3. Yes they are. Dark beauties with the light of God's love in their eyes. I call them dark beauties because they are morenitas like our Virgencita de Guadalupe.

      The wonderful gift and great consolation of this recent trip is to see the many faithful outnumber the critics.


      Did you watch the video posted today on YT where the Holy Father had to put his hands up so that a group of Carmelites would not rush him? It was amusing.

      One more thing, Deacon Greg has a good post about Papa Francis and how being home has been good for him. The article also explains the connection we Latinos have with him that seems to be lacking with those who do not understand the culture. I thought it was well explained.

    4. I saw that - and thanks Yaya - Latinos and contemplatives understand the Pope - they know where he is from, what he has seen, what he has endured - much like John Paul who also came from a country far away. They learned how to live amongst non-believers who chose to persecute the Church.

      Let's pray for him as if we are the only ones doing so, remembering how they treated Christ in the same way.


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