Sunday, May 17, 2015

I watched "Into the Woods."

The film, Into the Woods.

I didn't like it.  Bad message.  Bad.

Prince Charming is a womanizer.  Red Ridding Hood is a brat.  Jack steals gold from the Giant and kills him - then the rest of the characters go after the Giant's avenging widow and kill her.  Jack robbed their house!  He should have been killed.

Then, most of the dialog was singing.  I hate musicals.


  1. Yeah, taken all together, people don't come off well at all. No wonder we are a mess.

  2. In the prince's defense, he was raised to be charming, not sincere.

    I thought it was interesting to see what came after the supposed happily ever after. And thought the message was that people need to help one another in times of adversity.

    What about Johnny deposit?

    1. Johnny was a great wolf.

      I got the impression the moral of the story was whatever feels right is right for you. I kind of lost interest after the happily ever after was trashed.

      Christ Pine was great as the Prince. All the actors were great really. I just wasn't 'enchanted'.

  3. Terry,
    It is time for you to get addicted to real art....that of Ran Ortner....who is preternatural in talent. I believe God placed an angel next to him so that he would be guided to do the ocean better than the ocean does the ocean. everything on him. He works big or huge. This is the ocean in the renewed world.!/portfolio/paintings//10

  4. Terry,
    24 foot piece of his in Le Bernadin restaurant. I'd get seasick eating French food next to that. Then if they told me his oil paint bill just for that canvas, I'd get doubly seasick. Here...

  5. ....thanks from me, as well. how luminous ! esp. how he paints....the very sky and air.

    1. consolata,
      Terry I think has seen my seascapes which are very realistic and getting more so...but they are normal size and they are realistic in terms of drawing but with the waves at a distance. There are four absurdly hard things Ortner is doing....closeup water as to realism in drawing....extreme realism of color which is just as hard as drawing realism....keeping compositional perfection in huge pieces....and lastly he is three dimensionally gifted beyond gifted in coordinating light/ dark with shape changes. I have a degree in Art History. He is doing a niche that is incredibly difficult and for 30 years til recently, he has been economically living on the edge until the $250,000 prize. But frankly, it's absurd that a Picasso just sold for $178 million and it's difficulty was minuscule next to Ortner who from here on in will make a good living probably...but who some point, the moneyed customers like le Bernadin might move on after he is no longer new.
      Stunning....and I wish I knew his monthly oil paint expense.

    2. ....perhaps he makes his own....I would love to see your own work. Terry has my e-mail. I admire so much more than the final work: the sheer focus: love; time: et al. The wonderful thing about a work of art is that one can stand before it and Feel its life - an artist puts soul into it and that goes on & on.
      I think it's all about the seeing, the love of seeing. It translates to the hand.
      Yup: it Is absurd that the Picasso fetched what it did. I don't feel much soul there.

  6. consolata,
    email me at.
    With your resultant connection, I'll send you about at a time serially since most were done by a photographer using the higher MB? requirements. I'm so non techish.


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