Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Travelers ...

Not wanted home for Christmas?  Go West young man.  Make your own traditions.

Christmas on the move.

I have friends heading for the slopes, Hawaii, Santa Fe, and Florida.  Holiday getaways.  Many Families duck out on Christmas Day, others leave early to spend the holidays elsewhere.  Personally, I'd love to spend Christmas in a forest wilderness, staying in a well appointed hermitage with electricity and all the provisions I needed.  On Christmas Eve, I'd be there waiting until all the little wild animals came along and gathered round, to peer into my windows, admiring the Christmas tree lights and the gas-powered fireplace all ablaze ... and then, and then, then I'd go outside and we'd all wrestle in the snow and play and decorate the forest with lights and berries and nuts ...

Just before nightfall, all the elves and animals
are getting ready for Mass at midnight
at Terry's hermitage in the forest.


Denver airport will be having Christmas Day Mass for all the travelers passing through, on their way to the ski lodges because their loved ones wouldn't invite them to Christmas dinner.  (It could happen.)   The Mass will be held on Thursday, Dec. 25, at 2p.m. in the interfaith chapel on level six of Jeppesen Terminal.  I like that.  I like chapels in airports.  Boston's Logan has one.  I think there is still a chapel in the Prudential as well.  I think chapels should be everywhere - in the heart of the city, in malls, airports, across the street from my house, and so on.

If one happens to be stuck in the wilderness and can't get to Mass, then I think St. Nicholas should fly in and celebrate it for me and the critters - I suppose I could settle for a bi-locating priest who liked to hand-feed peanuts to blue jays instead.  What?

St. Nicholas descending for Mass.

Aren't the holidays fun?

God comes to us - right where we are...


  1. Your wilderness Christmas sounds great..the peaceful silence that comes with snow...though I would request a wood burning fire and well..copious amounts of wine!

    1. I'll have vodka then.

    2. LOL..okay, I'm the wuss sipping the wine..I will change to a beer just to save face!


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