Friday, April 11, 2014

Since you brought it up.

Felt banner design studio.  Who designs and makes these crappy miters and vestments for bishops?

Churches and vestments do not have to be ugly.

The Pope said there could be married priests if bishops of the world decide it is okay.  Deacon K wrote about it, using this photo.  I'm thinking the priest's wife in this photo might want to rethink her wardrobe choices.  In the absence of grace and beauty, modesty and decorum is a virtue.



  1. The priest with the family, is he a convert? Must be...agree with the wife's wardrobe. Maybe as time goes along she may change it. ;p

    Here in Los Angeles, CA, I have seen some really ugly vestments but then again, really beautiful ones too. I prefer the beautiful ones but have to close my eyes many times so as not to get distracted, especially if the priest is beautiful too.

    A man on fire for Jesus is a beautiful sight to behold. <3

  2. all priests are beautiful

    1. In the last photo is she searching for nits?

    2. no. trying to make his head explode.

    3. and you know that women can play dress up but can't be priests


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