Monday, August 12, 2013

Catholic Identity: Identifying Catholics by what they did, do, don't do, or are inclined to do.

Fat Catholic.

Drunk Catholic.

Recovering Alcoholic Catholic.

SSA Catholic.

Insane Catholic.

Gay Catholic.

Autistic Catholic.

Post-abortive Catholic.

Straight Catholic.

Obese Catholic.

Sinner Catholic.

Bad Catholic.

Married Catholic.

Single Catholic.

CINO Catholic.

Androgynous Catholic.

Widowed Catholic.

Anorexic Catholic.

Catholic Blogger.

Bi-polar Catholic.

Over-eater Catholic.

Ugly Catholic.

Evangelical Catholic.

Pretty Catholic.

Former prostitute Catholic.

Stoner Catholic.

Prostitute Catholic.


Pregnant Catholic.

Contracepting Catholic.

Queer Catholic.

Heterosexual Catholic.

Cool Catholic.

Foul-mouthed Catholic.

High-talker Catholic.

Black Catholic.

Devout Catholic.

White Catholic.

Poodle Catholic.

What are you?



  1. I'm a blundering Catholic. :-)

  2. Oh ! Oh ! (Raises hand excitedly....) I have Eleven out of those thirty-nine ! Did I count right (39)? I can probably qualify for more, And I am sure I can try-out for some more !

  3. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I agree - this sort of thing drives me nuts. I think it's very self-focused.

  4. You forgot bi-ritual catholic.

    1. I also forgot liberal, conservative, dissident, faithful... so many.

  5. what if it depends on the board your posting to? When I talk with progressives I get the misogynistic Traditionalist label.

    When I talk with EWTN norvous ordo people I get called a RadCathRs

    When I talk with fellow lovers of all things traditional, but not hostile (yet observent) of the new liurgy I get called orthodox

    And when I talk with sedevacantists I get called a heretic

    I just cant win... perhaps a frequent confessing Catholic

    1. I just cant win... perhaps a frequent confessing Catholic

      Can't win? Then you're a Loser Catholic.

      Like me and Ter...

    2. good company to keep then ;-)

  6. Rotten Catholic.

  7. Grateful Catholic

  8. Oh I am sorry, I was looking for the bar... didn't mean to interrupt.

    1. No, you're in the right place.

  9. Was going to say universal Catholic but I suppose it's redundant. However I see susan hints at it and has taken my label.

    Let's see. 2006 was a long time ago but I suppose I'm still a convert-clergy Catholic though some of the famous/infamous might not associate with me as I've never been on the J Home show and I've been know to read and even appreciate R Rohr (OK, I've not been known as that but now, oh dear oh dear...) so some will want to label me as Cafeteria Catholic or say Barely Catholic. I know God would never say the former of me but there are days where he would likely say the latter of me. No come to think of it he probably just calls me "my child" and maybe even "beloved"

  10. I guess I'm a "Dietrich von Hildebrand hermeneutic in continuity type of Trad"... I guess like James Kohn it depends who I'm talking to. The people in my parish might think I was from Planet Claire, My family just thinks I'm an eccentric, My friends probably think I'm really wierd, SSPX'ers would most likely call me sincere, Sedevacantists would say I'm in deepest, darkest heresy.

  11. +JMJ+

    Shouldn't "Catholic Blogger" be rewritten as "Blogger Catholic"? Not just for consistency with the rest of the list, but because it's kind of true?

  12. I'm a Practicing Catholic...and I'll keep practicing until I get it right!


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