Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I knew about it... but I guess there had been a media blackout?

Breaking News:  Media Blackout of New Nuns?  Really?
Bill Donohue released the following comments:

Aside from Deacon Greg Kandra, the Catholic News Agency, and EWTN, both the religious and secular media—including the Catholic media—have failed to report an important story that deserves wide attention: on New Year’s Day, 11 Anglican nuns from the Community of St. Mary the Virgin in England entered the Catholic Church. Moreover, a sister from another order of Anglican nuns joined with them to form a new Catholic order, the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
So why isn’t this “historic event” being publicized? Imagine the media reaction if on New Year’s Day 12 renegade Anglican nuns had held a press conference in their street clothes announcing their intent to join a dissident Catholic order so they can press for gay marriage and women priests! It would have been front-page news. And had they rented an oversized luxury bus to haul them around town, that would have been world news. But because these are humble orthodox nuns, who eschew media gimmicks, there is a news blackout. - Catholic League
Stop the presses!


I won't be
bound and gagged again!
The news blackout continues! 
CNA has the story here.
Too late!
I'm more Catholic than CNA!


  1. Outside of the respective churches, no one gives a sh*t. Most people don't even realize that there are Anglican nuns.

    This man needs to get a life.

  2. When I first heard about it I thought it was about an album release - you know, like the Benedictine Nuns chant album - so I really didn't pay any attention.

    Did you know there are Lutheran nuns too?

  3. I didn't. These are not the first Anglican nuns to cross over, anyway.


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