Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mass Chat: Reality check.


If I haven't made it clear before, I will do so now.

If only to watch my Followers app collapse and my stats hit zero.

I will vote Yes on the Marriage Amendment because I am all for protecting marriage and children.  I am also against same sex marriage.  Why?
  • Same sex couples can not be married.  Though it is a sin, they can sleep together. They maybe can live together, love each other without sin - but their parts do not fit together to make a baby.  I once said to an abuser who tried to kiss me: "Men don't kiss each other!"  I found out they do.  They still can't be married.  Even if a civil law is changed, and they 'legally' marry - they still cannot be married in truth - it is still just a civil union - not a real marriage.  They can't redefine marriage to suit their preferences and circumstances. 
  • Homosexual acts are gravely immoral.  Which is also why I am against same sex adoption - children are corrupted by immorality.
  • Selfish self-indulgence and exaggerated self-love blind people into believing otherwise. 
Enough said.

On a lighter note.

Non-religious reasons why gays should not get married.
  • Adds to the guilt.  If you choose to be monogamous that is.  One thing most gays cannot be is monogamous - unless they share.  One partner might be faithful, but it is very rare for gay men to remain faithful.  If they do manage to be 'faithful' then they probably use porn.  If, God forbid, they get kids, porn is like a gun in the house for kids - as well as their souls.
  • Marriage can be a ball and chain after the wedding show and reception and the honeymoon period - especially without alcohol and anti-depressants.  The couple runs into performance issues, attractiveness issues, frequency issues - talking about sex here.
  • Unequally yoked.  Big problem for men.  Don't couple down - one will always be 'less than'.  Outside of boredom, it is one of the main reasons men cheat.  All men encounter some level of feeling inadequate in their lives, but in same sex relationships the problem is pretty much always there under the radar.  Watch Modern Family.  Although a better example may be Hollywood/celebrity marriages - the successful actor and the less successful partner - the marriage often falls apart.  Even if you both are successful and rich - one of you wants to be king.  Gay pride has no room for humility - unless you're into discipline and bondage.
  • Hollywood pretty much mirrors everything that most gay partnerships are.  Drama, glitz, glamour, unrealistic expectations, fantasy perfection, and anti-depressants... dramatic split-ups, multiple marriages, on and on.
  • We can't redefine marriage to suit any groups preferences and circumstances.

Please don't hate me because I'm homophobic - Shirley, I don't hate you.

"Somethin's wrong with the plumbing, you say?"



  1. Everything you've said is true. Straight people who support this have no idea of the "gay" lifestyle. None! They think it's about roses and champagne and "all we need is love."

    My very best friend when I was teaching dancing was in a "relationship." Both men were my friends, but my special friend wanted to have what he considered a "real" marriage type arrangement.

    His partner wanted the more standard "one night a week for "stranger sex."

    My dear friend killed himself with a shotgun. It's been over 40 years and I still miss him.

    1. That is so very sad. Thanks for sharing the story here. God bless!

    2. Adrienne,

      That is so horrible but I'm happy to know that you are able to see beyond on the glitter "champagne and roses". I was trying to explain all of this to a friend of mine. I mean people really do think that it's just the same as heterosexual couples.

  2. This post is right on! My experience working with men who have SSA corresponds to what you have written. Great job!

    1. Aloysius - thanks - I was worried about posting it.

  3. AMEN! I couldn't have said it better.

    1. Thanks - I hoped it would be to the point.

  4. Great post, Terry. Back in the 80s when Cardinal Ratinger (now Pope Benedict) came out with the statement on disordered homosexual relationships I went down to the Vatican embassy with a group of friends to counter picket the homosexuals. I met a very sad young man who asked why gay relationships were wrong. I said, as you did, "You don't fit together. It's like trying to jam two puzzle pieces together that don't fit." Then he asked, "Why would God make me this way?" Instead of arguing about nature vs. nurture I just responded. "Why did I get cancer?" (I was in chemo at the time. "Life is hard." I still pray for that young man. His name was Dan and he's one of the saddest people I've ever met.

    1. Do you really think that cancer and a gay sexual orientation are the same?

    2. I think I understood what she meant - in terms of a cross, a suffering - sharing in the cross of Christ.


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