Monday, April 02, 2012

Mother Dolores on The View This Morning

She did well and was treated very respectfully.  Barbara especially was very respectful.  Joy, a little glib, but M. Dolores seemed never to notice.

What I found most edifying, and revealing, was when Mother said the first seven years of monastic life were the hardest - implying she was continually tempted to leave.  She said the experience was akin to being skinned alive - referring to her 'conversion' from secular life to religious life.  M. Dolores seems to have very much to say to the Church regarding vocation, especially today when everyone considers themselves to be a "star".

This is something important for prospective candidates to monastic life to consider, since most of us left within the initial seven year time period - and of course, we are all so fantastic and Hollywood beckons... worldly success and glamour and fame and all of that.


  1. Thank you for posting this, Terry. I am so sorry that I missed this. I can't remember where I read this/heard this, but she said she just could not believe she had to share a bathroom w/ ten other women. Not all is the romance of the Divine office and singing of the birds, huh?

    Just a plug. I don't know if she mentioned their "New Horizon Renovation Project", but I would suspect that this was part of the reason that she was on. The Abbey is phase 1 of a five year renovation project to restore their builings. They are trying to raise money. If you can help:

    Please call Sister Angele Arbib
    at 203-266-5132 to pay by phone/credit/debit card.

    Or, you can send a check to:

    Abbey of Regina Laudis
    273 Flanders Road
    Bethlehem, CT 06751 U.S.A.

    Thanks very much, Terry! :)

  2. Thanks Maria - maybe you can watch the segment online - she was great. You may catch something in her notice of Joy's tone. Whoopi seemed impressed - they are all Catholics, except for Barbara, as you probably know. Little appearances such as these has its effect upon even the most hardened heart.


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