Friday, April 20, 2012

Dr. Evangelical and Mr. Hide...

Isn't that a great post title?

I haven't much to say about it however.

I maybe should just write copy - like:

"I am not the content of my posts."

That could so be a mug, couldn't it.

Anyway, my friend Jacqui suggested to me that I install a donate button and maybe permit ads.  I responded that although that is a good idea, I've decided not to do that here, on my blog - although it isn't mine, is it.  It could be taken away at any time.  Once I blogged for a small blogomerate and the administrator deleted the entire blog because I said something critical... as to how difficult the format was to work with... click of a button - all that intellectual work down the cyber-toilet. 

Be that as it may, I stressed to Jacqui that I am no longer against people doing such things on their blogs and websites because it has indeed become a legitimate, and very respectable means for supplementing one's livelihood, and may perhaps even be a stepping stone to achieving some recognition as a professional writer - perhaps even a Pulitzer.  In short, I now see it as a good thing, beneficial and perhaps even necessary.  Oh!  If only I could take back my rash criticism leveled against the practice, those harsh critiques which today remain indelibly imprinted upon someone's Google Reader, and in the hearts of those poor, desperate souls, who were the very first - veritable pioneers in the paypal scheme of things - those enterprising souls who jumped on the cash-cow of blogomania!

Actually, I didn't say all of that, but I did tell her I think it is a very acceptable and legitimate way to earn extra money.  Nothing wrong with it.

You see, dearest reader, I changed my mind, I stepped out of my paradigm on that one.  I stretched myself. 

Personally... for myself... I just don't want to do it.  I think it would cause me to feel beholden to my sponsors and I'd feel restricted, restrained, owned by someone else.  It is the same reason I usually refuse commissions.  It is why I am poor.  The poor have a wonderful freedom of spirit... ah!  The poor are free!  Free I tell you!  Unless they are on welfare.

Man, could I go for a vodka-tonic right now.

Top photo:  Friar questor, from Fellini's 'Nights of Cabria'.


  1. I like my Terry Nelson original. Print, but still.

    (Truly. It hangs next to my icons.)

  2. Anonymous5:13 PM

    I could go for a brewski!


  3. So there I was getting v excited at the thought of earning all those dollars on my blog & then being England it started raining & I had to fetch the washing


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