Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Feast of St. Rocco


O blessed Saint Roch, patron of the sick, have pity on those who lie upon a bed of suffering. Your power was so great when you were in this world, that by the sign of the cross, many were healed of their diseases. Now that you are in heaven, your power is not less. Offer, then to God our sighs and tears and obtain for us that health we seek through Christ our Lord. - Source
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  1. Terry, I think that is my favorite painting of yours.

    My brother is studying art and wants to devote his talents to restoring beauty and piety to art. My dad is a commercial artist, but has been working on certain religious projects for some time now. I'm really good at doodling, too :)

    Keep it up!

  2. Love the painting Terry, you really have captured the compassion in his face. If I had it on my wall I would be gazing at it endlessly!

  3. Thanks to both of you - I wish I had done the piece like the photo here, instead of adding a background.

  4. +JMJ+

    San Roque is my new favourite saint. I love his dog.

  5. Georgette6:06 PM

    You should make prints of this, Terry. Then you can bring it in as you like, without the background. I'd buy one. I bet everyone who reads your blog would too!!

  6. I LUV this piece too, how our Mr Terry can capture such an everyday situation and yet breathe so much life and sensitivity into it...how it draws you in and you become part of the painting.

    In comparision--I went to our country fair this past weekend and strolled through the Art exhibits. I expected the 4-H juvenile drawings and paintings to be juvenile..and they were....what was disappointing was that there wasn't much change between the juveniles and adults...flat, two dimensional, devoid of tonings and shadings, and not composed or placed well on canvas. Photography wasn't much better...none of the artwork was something I was the least bit interested in or wanted to hang in my house or give as a gift.

    It was obvious that the fine art education is suffering in Utah.

    Handicraft stuff such as woodcarving, leather crafting, and metal work was excellent though. There was a lovely tooled western belt that I wished I could buy...



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