Friday, June 10, 2011

More 'No More Bullying' Crap.

Watching the Stanley Cup Finals I gotta wonder what the anti-bullying people think about a good hockey game/fight?  Huh?  Huh?  Huh? 


  1. Are you talking to me? Huh, are ya punk?!? Are you talking to me???

  2. Hockey wouldn't be hockey without gruesome checks, a good fight and a couple of bloody noses...and that's ladies hockey :)

    Shadowlands--how did your interview go?? And tell us about your outfit?? I hope it worked out ok...I was so worried that I have given you bad advice..


  3. Hockey is a brutal sport?

    How can anything with three periods be called a sport?

    The only difference between hockey players and ballerinas is the ballerinas got talent.


  4. I went to a hockey game and an anti-bullying rally broke out.

  5. Oh, Terry, I'm surprised you haven't written about gay hockey.

    Hehe...I'm such a stinker;0)

  6. I am so lost on the bullying stuff. I was gone.
    So my rule is, if Terry is for something so am I, if Larry is for it, I am against it.

    If by chance both Larry and Terry are for the same thing, I apply the Terry rule, and ignore the Larry portion of it, unless it involves something germane to Mcihigan and then I side with Larry.

  7. Sarah, Hahahahaha!

    I love it that you left me a message in Terry's combox, like I rent a room here and stop by daily to collect my mail. That's how I like to think of Abbey Roads funnily enough! One can take these kind of liberties with an imagination like mine!!

    So yeh, the interview outfit? I ended up wearing my son's black school trousers (What? I know but you would honesly have needed to see how well they fitted) they looked a treat! A white cotton broderie anglaise blouse, a long brown belted cardigan and matching shoes and handbag and a patterned brown scarf (thin polyester-ish).

    Thank you for your concerns.
    It all went very well although the box of cakes I offerd round during the 'comfort' break raised a few eyebrows, if not sugar levels. I will(might) write about it in a post on my own blog maybe.

    I used to be Goal Defence when we played the sport at school, but that's over three hundred years ago now, so I don't remember much.I remember the bullies though

  8. Joe - is that so? I just ignore everything you say...less complicated that way.

    Your previous comment excepted, of course.

  9. I was at a street brawl once, and a hockey game broke out!

  10. ignorant redneck, gmta

    Go Canucks!

  11. We have two dogs so the bylaw says we can't adopt another which is really to bad because I was looking at these two that just came into the Humane Society and they're a pair. Their names, for real now, are Larry and Terry.

    word verification (for real) = nothot

  12. Shadowlands--Love the outfit!! Brown black and white really goes well together. I haven't yet perfected the fine art of scarf tying, although I usually have my work badges on a lanyard around my neck, which pretty much ruins any necklace or scarf I would like to wear. I usually keep one of those cardigans at work to put on whenthe air conditioning gets too chilly. I have the misfortune of have the cubicle located right under the vent. about half an hour after I moved in I understand why no one wanted it :)

    Since I don't have a blog I just hog Terry's combox for my personal communications....he's so sweet to let me do crashing on a friend's couch :)


  13. Hi Sara,

    sorry about the name mispel...again!
    Yes, Terry is very good sub-letting his combox to us.

    I'm thinking of selling second hand furniture here next year if I can get enough prospects. Sofas would certainly go like hot cakes, we could redecorate the place infact!? Or have I gone completely off the sanity scale???

    Back to hockey, I realise the American game is totally different to English Hockey. For one, I don't think any men play it, in the UK (I may be wrong), but I'm sure the boys played rugby instead. Only women with tough shins played hockey well though, when I was a kid. I expect they're all padded out now.

  14. shadowlands, ice hockey is a totally different thing although the players wear padding; they even wear helmets now!

    When I was a kid, girls played field hockey; I don't know if they do anymore, I think soccer is much more popular as is girls ice hockey.


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